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Barbour celebrates 40th Anniversary

Uhrichsville, OH—The year 2021 marks a very special date in Barbour Publishing history—the 40th anniversary of being in business.

Originally called “Book Bargains,” the company was founded in 1981 by Christian publishing visionary Hugh Barbour who initially focused on selling overstocks. Soon, however, the business transitioned to publishing its own titles, including The Bible Promise Book® which has gone on to sell millions of copies. In the years to follow, Barbour experienced phenomenal growth under the leadership of Tim Martins, including expansion of product lines, imprints, facilities, and a talented team of employees. In 2017, Barbour became one of the first employee-owned companies in the Christian Publishing industry.

To commemorate this special occasion, the company has decided to get back to its roots with a rebranding initiative. The core Barbour Publishing logo has been slightly updated with a more modern look and several of the company’s imprints have been revised so that the trusted Barbour name takes center stage. The Spanish imprint Casa Promesa is now Barbour Español, Shiloh Kidz is Barbour Kidz, and Shiloh Run Press has been broken down into multiple Barbour-focused categories. The new imprints made their debut with the January 2021 publishing list.

“The rebranding initiative came out of several team discussions during our regular strategy meetings,” explains Mary Burns, President and CEO. “As we thought about who Barbour is in the industry and what we are known for, we came up with words and phrases like ‘trustworthy,’ ‘biblically-centered,’ ‘rich in history,’ ‘value,’ and more—all words that we are incredibly proud of. We love our company and we want the Barbour name to be front-and-center in everything we do. We have talked a lot about getting ‘Back to Barbour’ and the 40th anniversary seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so.”

In addition to the rebranding efforts, the company will also celebrate the occasion with some anniversary specials for retail customers including huge discounts on the top 40 bestsellers.

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