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Baker & Taylor Publisher Services continues
services to Christian channel

Statement to ECPA customers

On the heels of Baker & Taylor Wholesale and Library announcing a shift in its business operations to align with the education focus of parent company Follett Corporation, Baker & Taylor Publisher Services’ Christian channel is as strong as ever. We will continue to invest in our client publishers and relationships with the independent bookstore market with the Christian integrity and dedication that we are known for.

The recent shift that the Christian retail industry is experiencing gives BTPS’ Christian channel an opportunity to help publishers and independent bookstores continue to gain access to great Christian content. “We are energized by the number of partners who recognize the difference customized service from dedicated professionals can make in the publisher service market”, said Mark Suchomel, Senior VP of Baker & Taylor Publisher Services.

BTPS’s Christian channel is poised to continue with the initiatives already set in place to make sure the Christian independent retail market finds no obstacle in ordering books. Randy McKenzie, Baker & Taylor Publisher Services Christian Sales Manager said, “Noble Marketing group is the best Christian sales team out there and they will continue to represent Baker & Taylor Publisher Services across America to the Christian independent and Church bookstores. We also have Canadian Christian representation through Parasource Marketing & Distribution.” Randy continued, “With some shift in Christian buying crossing over to non-Christian bookstores, BTPS is uniquely positioned to offer our Christian books to the secular stores with over 100 special markets and traditional trade sales representatives.”

Karen Broach, Christian Sales Specialist adds, “In our suite of publisher services, we not only have our sales channels, but give opportunities to the small to medium sized publisher, printing services including POD, full-service distribution, warehousing, fulfillment and more.”

BTPS continues to be an important piece of the Follett and Baker & Taylor business strategy going forward. The future is bright, and we are excited to achieve great things with our partners. Please feel free to reach out to either of us if you have any questions at all.

Partners in Christ,
Randy McKenzie & Karen Broach
Baker & Taylor Publisher Services – Christian Channel