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Baker Publishing Group signs two-book contract with author
Shannan Martin

Ada, Mich. (February 9, 2021)Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, is pleased to announce that they have signed a new contract with Shannan Martin, author of Falling Free and The Ministry of Ordinary Places.

Her first of the two books will focus on practical and tangible ways to love one another fully by engaging in the hard work of kinship and mutual belonging within vastly divided community.

“There is no zip code, no cul-de-sac, no apartment complex, or stretch of dirt road where belonging isn’t actively taking shape,” Martin said.

Scheduled for a fall 2022 release, the book will unpack the metaphor of a garden, challenging readers to move from independence to interdependence, from individualism to the strength of community, and bloom together in the Kingdom of God.

“We are thrilled to partner with Shannan and serve her ever-growing readership,” said Kelsey Bowen, Revell acquisitions editor. “Thousands of readers gravitate to her because of her incredible work, which is always drenched in beauty, grace, and honesty. What Shannan writes about is what she does on the ground in her everyday life—that work of actively loving her neighbors and local community. It’s an honor to collaborate with her on her next two books. Her words may be timely, but they’re also enduring in any cultural atmosphere.”

Martin says, “I’m excited to be linking arms with Revell. At the heart of this book is the quiet belief that faith is meant to be more than daily quiet time and regular church attendance. It’s personal to a degree, yes. But it’s not private. I want to invite readers to consider the Kingdom of God, the connection we all share, in all its vibrancy, complexity, and surprise. We are a garden and we all belong to one another.”

Shannan Martin, author of The Ministry of Ordinary Places and Falling Free, is a speaker and writer who found her voice in the country and her story in the city. Martin, her jail-chaplain husband, Cory, and their kids, live as grateful neighbors in Goshen, Indiana, where she works as a cook at a community soup kitchen.

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