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Baker Publishing Group Celebrates the Life and Legacy of Richard Baker

Ada, Mich. (December 14, 2021)— Richard Baker, former president and chairman of the board of the Baker Book House Company, died on Sunday, December 12, at the age of 86.

Richard’s career at Baker Book House began as a young boy sweeping floors at the retail store. As a young man, he worked his way up the ranks to the sales department and finally took on the role of president from 1987 to 1997, following in the footsteps of his father and founder of Baker Book House, Herman Baker. During Richard’s decade-long presidency, he successfully led the company through a time of growth and transition.

Richard saw a need for trade publishing and helped expand the company through several key purchases. His finest business accomplishment was the acquisition of Fleming H. Revell and Chosen Books in 1992. His foresight generated a long-term vision for these two valuable imprints, and it established Baker Book House Company as a major entity in the Christian trade book market. This action also established a precedent for subsequent company growth by business acquisition. In addition, Richard facilitated the Cambridge Bible distribution agreement, which endured for more than two decades.

After stepping down as president, Richard enjoyed many years of “management by walking around” and interacting with staff and customers at the Baker Book House retail store.

The employees, business affiliates, and family are saddened by the loss of Richard Baker and will miss his leadership and his great love for the publishing industry. The Baker family stated, “The Baker family has been blessed by many years of Richard’s fatherly love, ever-present humor, and enduring commitment to the Christian faith.”

Richard is survived by Frances, his wife of 64 years, and children Dawn (Kurt) Faasse, Dwight (Tamara), Dave (Becky), and Dan (Marne).

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