Editor’s Note: My son went back to school today to start his sophomore year in high school. It made me think a lot about what he’s going back to.  I recently started a new column called “Just The FACs” where I’ll be posting thoughts and information on Faith And Culture (FACs.)   It is our duty to participate in our culture, and frankly, there are many parts of culture that I enjoy or find very intriguing.  This falls into the compelling side of intriguing.


Can you imagine a world where no high school or college age student struggles with depression, addiction, self-injury, or suicidal thoughts alone?  My Broken Palace can.

Our youth culture is a mess.  My Broken Palace has big 3 inch binders full of emails from these kids who are hurting, isolated and alone.  Our families are broken by divorce and parents’ own issues.  Our schools are in turmoil. Our churches are uneducated as to what to do about these issues.  The result is a generation of kids who feel abandoned, alone and hopeless.

My Broken Palace delivers HOPE.  MBP’s mission is to provide Awareness, Education, and Intervention to young adults of high school and college age both offline via the 3 C’s (concerts, campuses, & conferences), and online via the 3 M’s (media, mobile devices, & MyBrokenPalace.com.)

In just the last 2 months, over 25,000 Books of Hope have already been handed directly to high school and college students all across the country!  According to Scott Brinson, MBP’s Executive Director, “We are so excited to see this vision finally become a reality and can’t wait to get as many of these books distributed as we can. Our goal is 500,000 copies!” These books are truly amazing in what they say and how they present it.  They engage kids and draw them into the online My Broken Palace community.

See a digital version here: MyBrokenPalace.com/bookofhope.


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