Back to School Christian Influencer Campaign

Advancing Native Missions (ANM) is a beacon of hope and love, spreading the gospel message across the globe. Based in Afton, Virginia, this non-profit organization has a unique approach to missionary work. Instead of sending American missionaries to foreign lands, ANM empowers and supports local Christians who are already embedded in their communities and understand their culture deeply. With this strategy, they’re able to effectively share the love of Christ in over 112 nations worldwide. 

FrontGate Media has worked with Advancing Native Missions for many years on multiple campaigns, including:

Most recently, we partnered with Advancing Native Missions to promote their Back to School giving opportunity for people to donate to send school supplies to children living in poverty in Southeast Asia.


Advancing Native Missions’ Back to School campaign leveraged the power of FrontGate Media’s Christian Influencer Group to make a significant impact. The campaign was designed with a clear focus on women between the ages of 20-55, a demographic segment that aligns with the bulk of the audiences reached by our influencers. These women are not just active social media users but are also known for their passion for supporting causes they deeply care about.


FrontGate Media’s proprietary Christian Influencer Group was a perfect match for promoting the Advancing Native Missions Back to School campaign. Our influencers, who are known for their passion for brands with significant missions, were thrilled to be part of this campaign. They received comprehensive information about the Back to School campaign, including its objectives and the beneficiaries. In addition, they were provided with marketing materials to use in their content, ensuring a consistent message across all channels.

The influencers took to Instagram to share about the campaign. They crafted engaging Posts, Reels, and Stories that not only raised awareness about the campaign but also encouraged their followers to contribute. The ask was simple yet powerful: donate to support children in Southeast Asia with essential school supplies.


The result was a wave of support and donations from followers touched by the cause. The influencers’ authentic voices, combined with FrontGate Media’s strategic approach, amplified the campaign’s reach and impact. 

  • Influencers: 31
  • Social Reactions (like, comments, shares): 15,723
  • Impressions (views): 447,400
  • Website Clicks: 605

Most importantly, Advancing Native Missions gained new donors, accomplishing the goal of the Back to School campaign!

The Power of Influencer Marketing for Christian Causes

This collaboration between Advancing Native Missions and FrontGate Media’s Christian Influencer Group underscores the immense potential of influencer marketing in driving engagement and support for meaningful causes. 

Unlike traditional advertising, influencers have built a relationship with their audience based on shared interests, authenticity, and trust. When these influencers endorse or champion a cause, their followers are more likely to engage and respond positively. This is not just because of the influencers’ reach but also due to the relational connection they’ve established with their followers.

In the case of the Back to School campaign, influencers didn’t just relay a message; they told a story and invited their followers to be a part of it. They made the cause relatable and urgent, driving their followers not just to understand the need for school supplies in Southeast Asia but to feel compelled to act on it. Overall, this successful partnership demonstrates how influencer marketing can serve as a powerful tool for non-profit organizations.

Do you want to generate brand awareness and donations for an upcoming campaign with a meaningful cause? Contact us today to get started with our Christian Influencer Group!