A review of Avis Car RentalDear Fellow Travelers,

I simply couldn’t wait to share my recent “adventures” with Avis Car Rental part of the merged Avis Budget Group.

If you’re looking for a car rental experience that will truly test your patience and sense of humor, then Avis is the way to go! It’s a masterclass in customer service excellence – if your definition of excellence is twisted beyond all recognition.

Do you know their cleaning service has a penchant for fashion? I didn’t either, but they apparently loved my sunglasses so much that they decided to keep them as a memento. It’s heartwarming to know that my shades have found a new home among the cleaning staff’s personal collection. They closed my lost and found case almost immediately without informing me. I’m sure their finger just slipped and clicked on Lost instead of Found…

Now, let’s talk about pricing. Avis has a unique pricing strategy that keeps you guessing until you get the final bill via email. You’ll feel like you’re playing a game of “How High Can It Go?” as they pile on fees and surcharges you never knew existed. It’s like a financial surprise party! This is a fun game that starts when you check in. The Avis agent behind the counter asks you for your personal information like your airline rewards program, and then adds a hidden fee to your bill without mentioning it.

Oh, and speaking of hidden mysteries, here’s another one – trying to reach a human being at their local offices. It’s like searching for the elusive unicorn; you hear they exist, but you can never actually talk to one via phone. The contact number listed as the local office is rerouted to the international automated phone system: your trusty companion on this quest, leading you through an endless loop of frustration.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a truly UNFORGETTABLE car rental experience that will keep you talking about it for years to come, Avis is the obvious choice. You’ll leave with not just a car but a lifelong memory of your experience, that continues long after you’ve returned the car via a series of follow-up phone calls with your new call center script readers, and a fashion-forward cleaning crew that has a particular fondness for your personal belongings.

I was rereading my bill after my calls with them, and thought it said Concussion Fee… it was Concession Fee. Weird, there was no popcorn or candy involved… I guess I conceded something right from the beginning.

I thought they would “Try Harder” for my business. I evidently had the wrong impression. Shame on me.

Happy travels, my fellow adventurers!

Another “Satisfied” Avis Customer

Avis Concussion Fee

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