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Available Now from BISGDigital Content in Public Libraries:
What Do Patrons Think?

The highly anticipated new report from
our Consumer Studies series 

BISG is excited to present the latest in our Consumer Studies series, Digital Content in Public Libraries: What Do Patrons Think?, produced in partnership with the American Library Association (ALA). The study allows the book industry to:

  • Obtain solid data about what formats library patrons, from adults to children, prefer when borrowing and reading books
  • Know how often patrons are visiting the physical and online versions of their local public library
  • Gain insights into what urban libraries are doing right, with overall patron satisfaction in e-book selection greatly exceeding suburban and rural libraries
  • Learn what makes younger patrons more satisfied with the selection of available e-books than older patrons
  • Understand the differences in patron attitudes and behaviors depending on age, gender, geography, and other demographic factors

By providing valuable information on the habits of a very broad base of dedicated readers, this report can help companies throughout our industry improve their approach to doing business in the public library market and beyond.

The results of this survey are available in an exhaustive, 85-page PDF report, compiled by Jim Milliot of Publishers Weekly, or as an executive summary (free to BISG and ALA members).

Digital Content in Public Libraries PDF Report | BISG

Digital Content in Public Libraries PDF Executive Summary | BISG

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