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Author and Speaker Welby O’Brien Offers Help and Hope
to Those Struggling with PTSD, Divorce, and Loss

Three of O’Brien’s Best-Selling Titles Re-Released
Through Deep River Books 

Nashville, TN – Respected expert on the subjects of PTSD, Divorce, and Loss, Welby O’Brien ( is re-releasing three of her best-selling titles through Deep River Books. O’Brien draws from extensive research and her own life experience to inspire those who have encountered the same struggles, and from her knowledge on the subjects, she offers hope to those in need. 

O’Brien’s first book, Formerly a Wife, was released over 20 years ago as she found herself in a reality she never expected to be hers – that of a divorced woman. In this book, O’Brien meets hurting people right where they are and helps them take the next step toward healing. Personal and practical, these words of wisdom are rich with scriptural support and encouragement. Formerly a Wife was featured on The 700 Club and has been a recommended resource by DivorceCare, American Association of Christian Counselors, Stephen Ministries, and the Church Librarian Association.

In 2004, when O’Brien’s father passed away, she was given the opportunity to see loss and grief from a new perspective. The book Goodbye for Now serves as a guide for emotional and self-care, as well as a practical step-by-step help for readers as they navigate the deluge of tasks before and after the loss of a loved one. Goodbye for Now provides structure, guidance, and comfort amid the overwhelming chaos of grief. This vital guide has been enthusiastically endorsed by chaplains, ministry leaders, funeral home directors, talk show hosts, Dr. Tim Clinton (AACC), and Pat Robertson.

An authority on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, O’Brien’s book Love Our Vets: Restoring Hope for Families of Veterans with PTSD is for caregivers, families, loved ones, and veterans themselves who are struggling to survive the daunting wake of trauma. O’Brien penned this title after marrying a veteran who suffers as a result of his experiences in combat.  Welcomed by veteran organizations, NAMI, the VA, and other counselors, Love Our Vets’ deeply relevant subject matter has resulted in an online community serving families of those battling posttraumatic stress. This PTSD Family Support network includes a rapidly growing Facebook group of 40,000 followers, and an online resource and support network ( More importantly, it has grown to encourage, educate, and inspire families and friends who are living with relentless challenges in the dark and lonely world of PTSD. 

All three titles are available now through Deep River Books, on Amazon, and wherever books are sold.

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