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Atlanta pastor, author and Send Network V.P. Dhati Lewis shows churches how to be advocates for reconciliation in new book

[NASHVILLE, TENN., (May 17, 2019)—] Pastor, author and Send Network V.P. Dhati Lewis will release his second book this June, exhorting churches to be advocates for racial reconciliation.

Lewis’ book, “Advocates: The Narrow Path to Racial Reconciliation,” focuses on the book of Philemon, unpacking key timeless principles that Paul applied to being an advocate in the midst of division. Lewis frequently speaks to pastors and trains leaders on holistic restoration, racial reconciliation and disciple-making in urban contexts.

In the book, Lewis contends that though the divisions of today don’t look the same as in Paul’s time, the principles are timeless, as the world today needs godly advocates in every sphere of life. “Advocates” applies these principles to issues of ethnic division and asks the reader to consider questions like, “Are you willing to call any division caused by discrimination, prejudice or racism a sin?” “Do you want to grow in your ability to navigate tense and emotional conversations about ethnic divisions?” “Are you ready to become an advocate?”

“In 2 Corinthians 5, God commissioned us to be his ambassadors and gave us the ministry of reconciliation. Whether we’re engaging in issues of politics, ethnicity or religious beliefs, our heart posture should be one of an advocate set on reconciliation,” Lewis said.  “My prayer for readers is that this book would be the next step in their journey toward living out their identity

as an advocate for Christ, that they would gain more tools for how to engage racial division in healthy, biblical ways and that they would know Jesus better because of it.

Lewis is the lead pastor of Blueprint Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and the vice president of NAMB’s Send Network. He is the author of both the Bible study and book “Among Wolves: Disciple-Making in the City”(March 2017, B&H Publishing).

“Advocates” is launching with a special bulk purchase offer to help churches easily utilize the message for their congregation or leadership teams. In addition, Lewis will be traveling through North America over the next year, speaking to churches, seminaries and organizations. The book has been endorsed by J.D. Greear, Kevin Ezell, Derwin Gray, Daniel Im and others.

“We are grateful to publish ‘Advocates’ and pray this important resource equips and encourages churches to be advocates for racial reconciliation,” said Jennifer Lyell, V.P. of Book Publishing and Merchandising.

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Dhati Lewis is the lead pastor of Blueprint Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and the vice president of the North American Mission Board’s Send Network. He earned a Master of Arts in Cross Cultural Ministry from Dallas Theological Seminary and most recently received his Doctorate of Ministry in Great Commission Mobilization from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dhati has seven beautiful children and is married to Angie, a discerning woman who empowers and encourages him to live fully in his identity in Christ. He is the author of both the Bible study and book “Among Wolves: Disciple-Making in the City.” 

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