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At Leadership Summit: latest data, consumer trends, opportunities for Christian publishers

Day two of the ECPA Leadership Summit, held May 5-6 in Nashville, will be what ECPA president Stan Jantz calls a “roll up your sleeves day” to explore the innovative ways publishers can reach readers with transformational content delivered outside the typical formats and distribution channels. Kristen McLean, executive director of business development at the NPD Group, will present the latest on consumer trends and opportunities for Christian publishers. A panel moderated by audio pioneer Cory Verner will explore “Formats of the Future and Subscription-based models.” A second panel, moderated by Kelly Gallagher of Ingram Content Group, will concentrate on “Data-Driven Discovery” following an address by Ingram’s Chief Content Officer Phil Ollila on “The New Marketing: Building Verticals.”

Other speakers include NAE president Dr. Walter Kim; missiologist and professor Dr. Allen Yeh; scholar and writer Karen Swallow Prior; Director for Sacred Sector at the Center for Public Justice Chelsea Langston Bombino; and AAP president Maria Pallante.

Executive teams in Christian publishing are encouraged to register by March 20 to save up to $300.

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