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Ascender Books releases the second book in The Heart of the Caregiver series

The Peaceful Caregiver will offer invaluable support for those caring for loved ones

BIRMINGHAM: Iron Stream Media announces The Peaceful Caregiver: From Stressed to Blessed / Ascender Books / December 2, 2019 / ISBN: 978-1-56309-295-4 / $15.99) by author, caregiver, and caregiver advocate Mary Tutterow.

Caregivers face incredible stress. Yet in the midst of it all, God gently calls you to come to Him for rest and refreshment.

In The Peaceful Caregiver, discover that peace is possible, regardless of your circumstance. Diving into Scripture that is relevant to all caregiving situations, fellow caregiver Mary Tutterow shares personal insights and Scripture passages that will help transform your perspective about your purpose. As you move through the emotions associated with caring for loved ones, discover how God wants to care for you.

The Heart of the Caregiver Series and Sample Chapters

Advance Praise

“A lot of how-to books have been written about caregiving. But as a long-time caregiver, I can say with certainty that it’s our relationships—with doctors, friends, and others going through the same kind of things—that help us make it through the tough times. And the most important relationship is the one we have with Jesus Christ. The Peaceful Caregiver isn’t a how-to caregiver book. It’s a how-to-find-peace-with-God caregiving book.” —Kathy Harris, author of the Christian novel Deadly Commitment and fellow caregiver

“Mary Tutterow brings enormous credibility and experience to address the frenetic heart of family caregivers. In The Peaceful Caregiver she gently leads fellow caregivers on a path she herself continues to walk—a path of trusting God with harsh realities. Clearly communicating God’s reassuring hand on our shoulders as we care for others, Mary helps us discover a deeper relationship with God in the midst of our journey as caregivers.” —Peter Rosenberger, caregiver for more than thirty years, author, and host of Hope for the Caregiver

About the Author

Mary Tutterow is a wife, mom, author, speaker, teacher, and caregiver. She has developed The Heart of the Caregiver, a community and support for anyone feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities and emotions of caring for someone with disabilities, chronic illness, or age-related issues. Mary and her husband Winn have two adult children and live in Charleston, South Carolina. Their daughter, Mary Addison, has cognitive and physical challenges and an active seizure disorder. They also cared for Winn’s mother through cancer and dementia. A former anchorwoman and marketing executive, Mary now writes, speaks, and leads online and in-person small groups for caregivers.

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