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Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

Anyone Can Learn to Read the Bible in its Original Languages,
in their Own Homes, in a Remarkably Short Time

Interactive Online Biblical Hebrew, Greek
and Aramaic Classes Broadcast
Live from Jerusalem, Now Offered to U.S. Audiences

Orange County, CA – Israel Institute of Biblical Studies is announcing their expansion, offering Biblical Language and Jewish Studies courses to students in North America.  Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, part of the eTeacher Group, provides live online instruction, flexible hours, accreditation through the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the convenience of studying the Bible at a deeply rewarding level from any location.

By learning the Biblical languages of Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic as well as courses in general Jewish Studies, students have the ability to read ancient texts as they were written, allowing for a new level of discovery and understanding of Scripture.  Over 100,000 alumni have already completed the program, finding a deeper love for the Bible through classroom community, exploring the original Scriptures and revealing new layers of meaning in the Biblical stories they love.

One of the many unique elements of the program is the impressive roster of over 300 instructors. All of the staff in the Department for Biblical Languages and the Department for Jewish and Biblical Studies reside in Israel, are fluent in the languages, experts in the culture, and the majority even grew up in the region.  Classes take place weekly in a small group online classroom setting. Students receive a deep immersion in the Biblical texts, cultural context, and language of the time in an agreeable format that unlocks the depths of Biblical wisdom in a turn-key way. 

According to Jonathan Lipnick, Dean of Holy Land Studies, “Our live teachers in a virtual classroom setting have engaged adult students at every level, across 108 countries and in 6 languages.  The teacher’s main role in the learning process has sur