Answering Islam featuring Frank Turek to air in a two part series
on NRB Network on September 17 and September 24 

CrossExamined’s series Answering Islam was created to help viewers understand the history, teachings, and often misunderstood truths of the Islamic faith.

Charlotte, NC – Frank Turek and the team at CrossExamined have created an insightful and informative resource for answering questions posed by Islam, the DVD series ANSWERING ISLAM.  One of the most requested topics on the site, Islam is a hot button topic that seems to flood our news headlines each day.  To help Christians better understand this often misunderstood religion, CrossExamined and NRB Network are teaming up to air the two part series ANSWERING ISLAM on September 17 and September 24 at 9:00pm EST.

Answering Islam is a two part series that dives into key history and facts about Islam. Frank gives easy to understand explanations to decode this often misunderstood religion, through both teaching and questions from the audience. The Answering Islam programs cover many pressing questions, such as:

How did Islam begin?

What does Islam teach? 

Is Islam a religion of peace?
Explaining Jihad?

What is the evidence for and against Islam?

How does Islam compare to Christianity?

How can you reach Muslims?
What is the one question you should ask a Muslim?

Islam has become a prominent topic in America, especially since 9/11. Frank says that the biggest difference between Islam and Christianity is that, “In Islam, your son dies for God. In Christianity, God’s Son dies for you.”  Frank created this series as a means to help people understand Islam, what the Qur’an says about Jesus and Christians, and the differences between Islam and Christianity.

Frank Turek is the president of and is both a speaker and award-winning author of three books: I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, Correct, Not Politically Correct, and Legislating Morality. He has both syndicated TV and radio programs that air throughout the week, educating people of all ages across America on a wide variety of topics. Frank is a former Aviator in the U.S. Navy and has a Master’s Degree from George Washington University, and a Doctorate in Apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary.

CrossExamined is a non-profit ministry that began in 2006. It aims to address the problem of 3-out-of-4 Christian youth that leave the church during their college years. An evangelical, inter-denominational Christian ministry that seeks to present evidence that the Bible is true, as well as educate young and old with hard but yet entertaining evidence for Christianity, CrossExamined reaches a cross section of people by visiting colleges, high schools, and churches, providing insight into many questions that intellectually skeptical people may have, especially young people.

The Answering Islam DVD series is available for purchase at

Answering Islam will be aired in two parts on the NRB network at 9:00pm EST on September 17 and September 24, 2014.  NRB Network can be found at DirecTV Channel 378, SkyAngel 126 or live streamed at

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