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Announcing the “Phyllis Tickle Award in Poetry”

Contact: Sr. Antonia Cleverly, Publicist
Tel. (800) 451-5006 x 329

Paraclete Press is pleased to announce the establishment of the Phyllis Tickle Award in Poetry, honoring our longtime friend, advisor, and member of Paraclete’s editorial board, Phyllis Tickle (1924 – 2015). This award will be given every other year to a writer for the publication, with Paraclete, of their first volume of poems.

For many years, Phyllis helped guide and shape Paraclete Press’s poetry line.  She wrote, “Paraclete is firmly rooted in presenting and curating religious poetry as that part of the verbal experience which, being couched more deeply in the aesthetic than the didactic, has deep resonance and potent significance for the shaping of the surrounding culture.”

The goal of Paraclete Poetry, Phyllis wrote, is “the presence and presentation of a body of poetry that speaks in the language of aesthetics and art to the religious experience, both individually and communally. It means the on-going giving away and sharing of God with humility, through mystery and without didacticism.”

We are delighted to recognize Phyllis with this enduring award, which will carry on her commitment to poetry that “gathers the best of humankind’s engagement with the eternal and the beautiful.”

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