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Andy Le Peau Announces 2016 Retirement
from InterVarsity Press

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WESTMONT, ILLINOIS—After four decades of working on hundreds of books, Andy Le Peau, associate publisher for editorial at InterVarsity Press, has announced he will be retiring in February 2016. Le Peau has worked with respected authors like Rebecca Manley Pippert, N.T. Wright, Tom Oden, Christena Cleveland, Gary Haugen, Andy Crouch, Ken Bailey and countless others. 

“It has been a privilege spending forty years nurturing books by such creative authors, investing in a mission I believe in, and working with very talented and committed colleagues,” he said. “Working with our authors and reading our books–there is no better job for someone who loves being a lifelong learner.”

IVP publisher Bob Fryling said, “Andy Le Peau has been a foundational presence at IVP. His editorial skills, his practical wisdom, his organizational abilities and his spiritual maturity have all combined to make Andy a deeply respected and admired leader at IVP.” 

After serving with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for two years, Le Peau joined IVP as an assistant editor in 1975. He became the managing editor in 1983, and was appointed to editorial director in 1985. That year the LifeGuide® Bible Studies he inspired were launched, which have now sold more than 15 million copies. In 1991, along with colleagues Dan Reid, Jim Hoover and Rodney Clapp, Le Peau instigated IVP’s academic publishing program. He also spearheaded IVP’s relationship with Logos Bible Software with The IVP Essential Reference Collection, the first of several CD-ROMs in 2000. 

“Andy has had a great influence in Christian publishing,” Fryling said. “He had the vision to form a successful training and communication network for editors which then morphed into the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association PubU track for editors. In addition, Andy and his wife Phyllis have authored several top-selling LifeGuide® Bible Study Guides and in retirement Andy will be finishing a lay commentary on the Gospel of Mark. We will greatly miss Andy, his sense of humor and his tremendous, faithful contributions to IVP.”

Each with more than 25 years of experience as editors at IVP, Cindy Bunch and Dan Reid will carry on Le Peau’s legacy. Fryling said, “I am delighted to announce the appointment of Cindy Bunch as IVP associate publisher for editorial beginning January 1, 2016. Cindy was involved with InterVarsity as an undergraduate student at Wake Forest and has been an editorial leader at IVP. She has championed the tremendously successful LifeGuide® BibleStudies, the significant and also successful Formatio line of books on spiritual formation and the new line of Crescendo books written by women on urgent topics of the day. Cindy has been the acquiring editor for many noted IVP authors including Richard Foster, Leighton Ford, Brenda Salter McNeil, Mark Labberton, James Bryan Smith and Ruth Haley Barton. She has both great institutional memory and vision.”

Le Peau said, “Cindy loves working with authors and developing books that nurture heart and mind. She is widely respected for these qualities in the industry and beyond.”

Reid will be the IVP academic editorial director beginning January 1, 2016. He has his PhD from Fuller Seminary. “Dan is as surefooted editorially as he is academically,” Le Peau said.  

“Dan brings not only well-honed editorial excellence to this job but one of the finest reputations for theological acuity and relational integrity in all of Christian academic publishing. Dan is the son of missionaries in Asia and embodies that missional dimension to his editorial work,” Fryling said. “He is the editor for the award-winning seven-volume ‘Black Dictionary’ series on the whole Bible and has been a champion for including women and majority world authors in his editorial scope. Dan has been the E.F. Hutton of IVP Academic for many years and will now broaden his outstanding academic leadership at IVP.”

Le Peau said, “With both Dan and Cindy continuing in their acquisition roles alongside their new responsibilities, I think we and our authors can all have confidence that the editorial department at IVP will be in good hands.” 


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