GasBuddy is a must have app for your Android, or really any smart phone.  This is a great crowdsource app that takes pools together gas pricing reports from everyone running the app.  Of course you get to report on prices at stations where you are as well,  if you want to do so. 

I have found this app to be invaluable as I’m searching for gas stations in whatever area I’ve travelled to, or even just around my house. From the app home screen, you can search for prices by entering either a city or a zip code, or you can find gas stations near you using your phone’s GPS location.

When you start a search, you are presented with a default display of the locations nearest to you, sorted by distance.  You can also press “Sort By Price” which will rearrange the list in order of the cheapest option, or “Map View”, which brings up a Google Map view of your location and places detailed icons representing the location of the different stations on the map.

Pressing an individual station gives you further details, including the different services and amenities offered.