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Anchor Distributors and Bridge-Logos
announce distribution agreement

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Anchor Distributors and Bridge-Logos have finalized an agreement for Anchor to begin distribution and fulfillment services for Bridge-Logos with a target date of September 1, 2015.

Spokespersons from both companies believe the partnership will maximize productivity, enabling Bridge-Logos to better focus on creating excellent products, and Anchor to do what it does best — handle distribution logistics to an ever-expanding global market.

“I am honored that Bridge-Logos has chosen to trust us with full-service warehousing and fulfillment of their titles,” said Anchor Vice President John Whitaker. “After working together for many years, I’m well aware of the quality of Bridge-Logos’ life-changing books and the vital role they play in today’s turbulent times.”

Bridge-Logos President and CEO Lloyd Hildebrand, with Bridge-Logos shareholders Suzanne Wooldridge and Edward Harding, expressed confidence that the new partnership will benefit the CBA market as a whole as well as the two companies individually. Hildebrand called the partnership with Anchor a “good fit.”

“Bridge-Logos is thrilled for the opportunity to work closely with our good friends at Anchor Distributors; their talent and efficiency are truly remarkable,” Hildebrand said. “When I visited their facility I was very impressed with the diligence, dedication, and friendliness of their staff as well as the efficiency of the operations. There is no question about it; they are good businesspeople and excel in the field of Christian book distribution.”

Whitaker said the two companies were actually formed around the same time, over 45 years ago, and share a common vision to “flood the world with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.”

“We’re looking forward to working with Lloyd and his team, and we take our responsibility seriously,” Whitaker said. “We strive to offer the best possible service while maintaining a personal touch. It is our aim to serve as a ‘bridge’ between Bridge-Logos as a publisher and the retail market.”

A tangible benefit of the new partnership for retailers and consumers is that some beloved Bridge-Logos books that are backlisted or out of print will be available, thanks to Bethany Press’ print-on-demand facility located in the Anchor warehouse.

Bridge-Logos’ headquarters will remain in Alachua, Florida, while utilizing Anchor’s warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment services in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

“I’m looking forward to a longstanding association. Working with Anchor will be beneficial to many people for so many reasons,” Hildebrand added, “not the least of which is the fact that I know them to be very trustworthy Christian people, and I consider the Whitaker brothers (John Whitaker and Bob Whitaker, Jr., president of Whitaker Corporation) to be my friends.”

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