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AFA names “A Cause Most Splendid” best fictional novel of 2021

Elk Lake Publishing, Plymouth, MA, announces Mark Alan Leslie’s novel, A Cause Most Splendid: The Battle for the Bible, has won the American Family Associations’ Best Novel of the Year.

In the March edition of AFA Journal, Editor Randall Murphree writes: “Master storyteller Mark Alan Leslie is back again with an engaging and informative historical novel … that advances Leslie’s reputation as one of today’s most gifted Christian novelists.”

The book, based on the life of Common Sense and Congressional Journal Publisher Robert Aitken, shows that if history teaches anything it is that religious freedom isn’t always free and some men and women must risk all to preserve it.

In 1776 the Royal Family owned the copyright to the Bible and anyone printing Bibles without their permission faced death or imprisonment. With American troops calling for more copies of God’s Word, Aitken and his family took that risk and, to do so, had to avoid British troops hunting them down.

Publisher Deb Haggerty says, “A Cause Most Splendid tells one of those Revolutionary War-era stories not commonly known but of utmost importance to the patriot cause.”

Leslie has published several other books with Elk Lake including the three-book Thrill of the Hunt series, The Crossing—about the KKK activity in Maine, The Last Ayilah, and Torn Asunder.