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Christian Media Buying

How Does Christian Media Buying Work?

Faith comes in all shapes and sizes, and each audience requires a unique approach. As a Christian media buying agency, FrontGate Media helps you develop and launch a successful faith-based advertising campaign by purchasing ads that reach your target audience through television, radio, newspapers, magazines, websites, and other media outlets.

As a media buyer, it’s essential to be very familiar with your target demographics to place Christian ads in the appropriate spots and generate maximum exposure for your business, ministry, or organization. It’s also important to think strategically about your purchasing power and budget for each campaign.  

According to an American Insights Religious Survey,

  • Faith consumers have emerged as a purchasing powerhouse in recent years, spending over $2 trillion annually.
  • 86% of faith consumers are much more likely to choose entertainment options that promote Christian values compared to 54% of Christians overall.

According to a Religious Landscape Study by Pew Research Center, 

  • More than 173 million strong, 7 out of 10 citizens self-identify as Christian.
  • U.S. Christians are becoming more racially and ethnically diverse, expected to grow 167% from 2010 to 2050, compared to 42% for the total population.
  • Minorities make up 41% of Catholics (up from 35% in 2007), 24% of evangelical Protestants (up from 19%), and 14% of mainline Protestants (up from 9%).

This puts you in a prime position to use Christian media buying services from FrontGate Media to reach and engage whatever audience demographics make sense for your brand. 

How Our Christian Media Buying Agency Works

We will create a custom media placement plan for you across your specific goals to reach the Evangelical, Catholic, and/or African American Christian target audience(s) and tailored fit your budget at the standard agency fee of 15%.

As a Christian advertising agency dedicated to connecting you to the Faith and Family audience, we create effective, high-engagement, layered advertising campaigns across Digital, Radio, Television, Print, and more to build frequency across websites, mobile, email, video, native content, and social: to go far above and beyond merely running Christian ads.

We’ve been told by our clients, including other ad agencies, that we have the best media buying team in the industry because we go beyond placement-only bookings to secure significant added value for our clients, expanding the reach of their budgets and the effectiveness of their campaigns. 

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