logo_washintontimesThe Washington Times is a trusted source of news for millions and through its special faith-based sections like the “Power of Prayer”, spotlight on William Wilberforce WeekendFaith & Work,  and many more, you can target Christian Conservatives with the resources and desire to support your cause, product launch, newest release, or event.

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What’s so special
about special sections?

Special Sections reach an extensive and targeted audience of political leaders and action-oriented newsreaders, offering amazing opportunities to connect for those who are featured in the publication, both in the newspaper and through the website.

Upcoming Special Sections:

** April 28 – A special section highlighting the recent Wilberforce Weekend (in conjunction with the Colson Center for Christian Worldview)

The event, which was attended by hundreds of Christian pastors, church-goers and thought leaders, is inspired by 18th-century British parliamentarian and philanthropist William Wilberforce, who is best known for his leadership to abolish human slavery, and his call to Christians to render themselves “active and useful” in social and civic duties.

The April 28 special section is organized around the 2016 conference’s themes of promoting good, resisting evil and restoring brokenness. Excerpted remarks of some 20 Christian thought leaders — including Christian author Eric Metaxas; National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference President Rev. Dr. Samuel Rodriguez; Colson Center President John Stonestreet; King’s College President Gregory Thornbury; Women’s Rights Without Frontiers President Reggie Littlejohn; and Father Robert Sirico, president of Acton Institute — will be published in print and digital form. (Call TODAY so you don’t miss the deadline!)

** May 12 – Multi-page section that explores the world of work and faith (in collaboration with the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics)

Scholars, practitioners and policy experts will comment on Biblical principles in the workplace, and social policies regarding work, prosperity, education and moral business practices. (DEADLINE…Reserve your space by May 5!!!)

** ALERT! The Quarter 2 “Power of Prayer” section has been moved to June 23
…so there is STILL TIME to be part of this powerful tool that reaches millions of readers!

To view one of past special sections, click here.

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Full 2016 Schedule:*

Thursday, April 28th – Wilberforce Weekend

Thursday, May 5th – Home
Thursday, May 12th – Faith & Work
Thursday, May 19th – National Rifle Association
Wednesday, May 25th – Congo
Monday, May 27th – Rolling Thunder

Thursday, June 23rd – Power of Prayer

Thursday, July 14th – Parents’ Day
July 2016 – Redskins Training Camp Preview

Tuesday, August 9th – Kinsey Legacy
Monday, August 15th Redskins Training Camp

Friday, September 9th – 15th Anniversary of 9/11
Tuesday, September 13th – Power of Prayer
Friday, September 16th – Constitution Day
September – Redskins: Season Preview

Thursday, October 20th – College Fair
October – Redskins Breast Cancer Awareness

Early November – Electing the President
November – The Power of Prayer

Thursday, December 1st – New Congress
Wednesday, December 7th – 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor
Monday, December 12th – The Bill of Rights
December 2016 – Redskins: Military Appreciation

Also under consideration:  Pro-life, Travel, Focus on Causes.

*subject to change

CONTACT MIKE HATCHER at 949-528-3400 or through our website TODAY to determine your best plan!