AdelFi Banking Case Study Christian Women’s Blogger Network

AdelFi is a Christian Credit Union that offers value-based banking for Christians. Their mission is to partner with individuals, families, Christ-centered ministries, and businesses to protect, grow, and share their financial resources. AdelFi believes in stewarding God’s resources by making its products and services available to Christians across the nation.

FrontGate Media was hired to promote AdelFi Christian banking through our Christian Women’s Blogger Network. The goal of the campaign was to increase brand awareness and engagement for AdelFi. 

Target Audience

AdelFi is part of a nationwide network of branches. AdelFi customers can access their accounts at thousands of credit unions across the country. Because of this, the target audience for the campaign included U.S.-based Christians interested in purposeful banking. 


The campaign utilized FrontGate Media’s proprietary Christian Women’s Blogger Network–our partnership with faith-based bloggers who have sustainable followings on social media and blogging platforms. We secured 21 bloggers for this campaign and provided resources for them to learn more about AdelFi. 

The bloggers were tasked with writing a detailed review of Adelfi on their blogs. Many also cross-promoted their blog posts and reviews on prominent social media pages, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


The blogger campaign generated excellent results for AdelFi Christian banking. With over 900,000 impressions between the blogs and social channels belonging to the bloggers, we were able to increase brand awareness for the company. 

  • Bloggers: 21
  • Impressions: 914,862
  • Social Reactions (likes, comments, shares): 423 

Here are two rave reviews AdelFi Christian banking received through this campaign:

“I really appreciate AdelFi’s efforts to support Christian businesses and organizations. Everyone needs a bank, and it’s wonderful to know that AdelFi provides a way for Christians to use their money to help spread God’s word even beyond the traditional passing of an offering plate or an envelope with a charitable donation. Checked out AdelFi’s youth accounts and found that a “Flying Start” Youth Account can be started with just $5. There are no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements, and parents have access to monitor their child’s spending. Sounds like AdelFi is just the tool a parent needs!”

– Dianna, Savings in Seconds Review Blog


“Michael and I have already started the process of switching our banking over to AdelFi, and it was so easy. We just filled out a form on the bank’s website, and we were called a few hours later. AdelFi had to verify both of our identities, but once that was over, we were members of this Christian bank! We didn’t have to deposit any money to get started, but we’re already checking out some of the amazing products AdelFi offers like; business checking, personal loans, car refinancing, home loans and more! We are so excited to be banking with a bank that actually shares our Christian values. And, best of all, we actually know where our money is going and what we are supporting!”

– Crystal Carder Review Blog


This is yet another example of how Christian bloggers and influencers can create sustainable results for faith-based brands. Do you have a ministry, organization, or business and want to increase reach and engagement in the new year? Would having multiple reviews and testimonials that generate new business make a difference in your business? Contact us today to learn more about our proven marketing strategies to reach the Faith & Family audience.