Christian Social Influencer Group

Have you used Christian Influencers to generate sales and brand recognition?


Influencer Marketing has become a very popular tactic for both for-profit and non-profit brands. With the rise of word-of-mouth marketing and social proof, Influencers are an excellent way for brands to

  1. Expand to new audiences
  2. Increase brand awareness
  3. Boost conversions.

FrontGate’s Christian Influencer Marketing identifies individuals who have influence over potential buyers and creates brand engagement activities around these influencers.

We save you time trying to vet different influencers!  We’ve already done that.

We put your product or cause in front of their audiences meshing your brand with the Influencers’ voices to create an impact for you.

In short, we get people talking and buying.

FrontGate connects your brand with the people we believe make the best matching influencers.

We work with clients just like you to strategize, create, and execute Influencer Marketing Campaigns with genuine branded content that is on-message but in the Influencers’ voices and relevant to their audiences.

FrontGate Christian Influencer GroupA few clients…

  • Barbour Publishing
  • HarperCollins Thomas Nelson, Tommy Nelson
  • International Fellowship of Christians & Jews
  • Prone To Wander cell phone cases
  • Sony/Affirm Films
  • W Publishing

FrontGate solicits participation from our proprietary roster of micro-influencers EACH with 20K+ in followers. Campaigns typically complete in 4-8 weeks.

Also, we have relationships with many of the leading personalities and celebrities in film & television, music, sports, church leadership, and so on. We can match the right spokesperson to your brand based on your budget.

Sample Results…

As an entry-level example, an average micro-influencer campaign through our group reached 250-500k Instagram followers.  In turn, that yielded 7,000-10,000 engagements (likes and comments) and secured 250+ units of sales.

Response varies based on the product and people as every product and project is unique. Of course, we have more than our entry-level option, and work with well-established personalities/influencers with much larger followings… Your campaign results will be unique to you and past success may or may not be indicative of future results.


Christian Influencer Sample Posts

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