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Introducing FrontGate Media’s 3-Part Video Series Package — a powerful tool designed to catapult your Christian brand into the spotlight. 

This 4 video package offers professionally crafted videos that condense your brand’s key details into engaging segments for online, social media, and in-person use.

Series 1: Story Narrative 

This two-video series is designed to tap into the motivations and emotions that drive your audience to engage with your organization, whether that’s through making a purchase or donating. The focus here is on showcasing the tangible impact their support makes.

This phase includes the production of two videos created using existing video elements from your archives, curated and repurposed to tell a compelling story. 

We provide detailed shot list direction and a professionally written script for effective communication. The final product includes two versions of each video: a long format for detailed storytelling and a short one for impactful social media sharing.

Series 2: Founder Identity 

This video will dive into the heart of your organization. It will showcase who you are, why you exist, and the story of your beginnings.

The phase includes the production of one video. Our team will handle everything from shooting to scripting to editing, delivering a polished final product that encapsulates your unique journey and mission.

We will provide a long-format version for comprehensive storytelling and a short-format version optimized for social media sharing.

Example of Founder Story Video: Long Version

Example of Founder Story Video: Short Version

Series 3: New Product/Project Promotion 

This phase will be a promotional tool for projects or upcoming promotions. It’s ideal for promoting new books, resources, or fundraising campaigns.

This includes the creation of one video involving shooting, scripting, and editing. The final versions (long and short format) will effectively promote your new offerings or campaigns.

Cost Breakdown

The total project cost is discounted based on this package volume to $12,000 before any additional client elective options. 

  • Video production — $3,000/video* (regular pricing is $5K each)
    • Includes a long and short version for every video, resulting in 8 professionally produced videos for your use.
  • Customized music track — $400/video, if desired
  • Custom voice-over work — $500/video, if desired
  • Additional requirements (related travel or accommodation expenses) will be calculated and approved by you before proceeding.

*All videos include two rounds of minor tweaks; additional adjustments will be charged at $100/hour.

With this dynamic visual storytelling package, you’ll enhance your brand visibility and create meaningful connections with your audience. It’s more than just a promotional tool; it’s a way to share your faith-inspired mission with the world: in-person, on your website, in your emails, and through social media.