(Nashville, Tenn) April 27, 2012 – A project more than seven years in the making, “The Voice Bible” from Thomas Nelson, Inc., the world’s largest Christian publisher, is finally available.

Nearly 120 individual scholars, musicians, artists, poets, and authors contributed to “The Voice” translation creating a timeless narrative of God’s Word. “’The Voice” would have been insurmountable if not for these God-inspired individuals,” said Gary Davidson, senior vice president and group publisher for Thomas Nelson’s Bible division.  “They all entered in to God’s story with their hearts, souls and minds to create a translation that will truly live out the Thomas Nelson mission, to inspire the world.”

Originally intended to provide the average reader, who might have limited experience with church, a new way to connect with God; this new translation has rapidly gained attention from both new and seasoned Bible readers and is receiving an overwhelming positive reception.  Not only is “The Voice” reaching the average individual, but it is also connecting with active Christians who have been in church their entire lives.  “I LOVE it,” said Pete Wilson, author and senior pastor at Crosspoint Church in Nashville, TN.

“’The Voice’ is the first translation that has made me audibly say ‘Wow’.  It’s fresh, enlightening, and extremely accurate.”

With dialogue written in a screenplay format, “The Voice” helps readers better understand the narrative of the Bible, allowing them to easily engage in God’s rich story. 

“What has been done with ‘The Voice’ is unlike any other Bible translation available,” said Dr. David Capes, Thomas Nelson research professor at Houston Baptist University and lead scholar on the project.  “Making the Bible more understandable and relevant for today’s Christian while maintaining accuracy from the original Greek and Hebrew biblical texts was a challenge that we all hoped to overcome.  Everyone who worked on the project had the same goal of creating a translation to help share God’s Word.”

“’The Voice Revised New Testament’ was released in October 2011 and we were excited to see the impact that it was able to have on believers and non-believers alike,” said Frank Couch, vice president of translation development at Thomas Nelson.  “With the full Bible we hope to continue to see people use it to strengthen their Christian walk and to ultimately grow the Kingdom.”

For more information on “The Voice’” and for free downloads from the Old and New Testaments, please visit www.HearTheVoice.com.

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