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Grand Rapids, MI, April 16, 2012.  Brazos Press, a division of Baker Publishing Group, has signed Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners, for two books to be released in 2013 and 2014. The signing was completed in cooperation with Kathryn Helmers of Creative Trust, Inc.


Wallis’ first Brazos book reveals the spiritual compass that can guide the right and the left in working together for lasting change. Set to release February 2013, this book provides a timely alternative to the self-serving agendas that divide church and culture—especially in the wake of the divisive 2012 election cycle. Building on a biblical foundation, Wallis contends that common good is best served by both conservative and liberal philosophies and practices; by both personal responsibility and social justice.


The second book will explore the spiritual life and formation of an activist through the lives and work of twenty men and women who have influenced Wallis’s own journey. The idea for the book came through conversations Wallis had with those who have heard him speak and were inspired to explore activism as a vocation. Wallis has taken that feedback to heart and will use it in this book to invite readers—young and old—to use their vocation to make a difference in their communities and their world. 

Dwight Baker, President of Baker Publishing Group, says, “Jim Wallis challenges Christians and non-Christians alike to view matters of religion, politics, social justice, and culture differently. He is a key voice in the public square, and we welcome this chance to work together on the common goal of generating conversations, hope, justice, and personal transformation through these two books.”


Jim Wallis is president and CEO of Sojourners, where he is editor-in-chief of Sojourners magazine. He is a bestselling author, public theologian, speaker, political activist, and international commentator on ethics and public life. Wallis has written ten books, two of which were New York Times bestsellers. He currently serves as chair of the Global Agenda Council on Faith for the World Economic Forum and works as a spiritual advisor to President Barack Obama.


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