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-InterVarsity Press (IVP), a leading publisher in thoughtful Christian books, announces the launch of two new imprints-Praxis and Crescendo-designed to reach two of its most influential audiences: ministry leaders and women. In launching these lines, IVP plans to serve both industry gatekeepers and end readers in a more targeted and effective way. Praxis will launch in fall of 2012 while Crescendo is scheduled to launch in spring of 2013.

“The addition of Praxis and Crescendo as part of IVP’s overarching publishing strategy continues the work that crystallized around the launch of our brand architecture in 2006,” Jeff Crosby, associate publisher and director of sales and marketing, says. “These lines create further distinctions of two core customer groups. In an era of marketplace fragmentation and diffusion, such clarity of content and message is a good and necessary thing.”

Praxis seeks to integrate two crucial needs for pastors and ministry leaders-theory and practice. Many books in the current publishing landscape focus on one area or the other, a gap IVP hopes to close by providing books that combine the “how to” of ministry with the heart from which it flows. Praxis will provide spiritual guidance for the inner life and practical, cutting-edge expertise for effective ministry.

“Pastoral leadership has long been a core part of IVP’s audience,” Crosby says. “Praxis allows IVP to target those readers more effectively with resources that are both practical for-but also written by-visionaries in church leadership.”

Lead titles in Praxis include Protégé by Steve Saccone, Community Is Messy by Heather Zempel, The Journey of Ministry by Eddie Gibbs, Creating a Missional Culture by JR Woodward and Church for the Fatherless by Mark Strong. (Go to to learn more about these titles.)

Reaching thoughtful Christian women has similarly been a core part of IVP’s identity. To that end, IVP is launching Crescendo, a unique line of books written by women who tell the stories of God’s activities in their lives as they seek to become women of courage, confidence and calling. The line, which will include reflective writing and memoir, is for those who want more than inspiration and escape in their reading. With lead authors like Carolyn Weber, Shayne Moore and Patty Kirk, Crescendo will celebrate and articulate women’s experiences and leadership not only in their personal worlds but across national and global landscapes as well.

“Crescendo will allow us to address the critical lack of female nonfiction voices in the Christian publishing industry,” Cindy Bunch, associate editorial director, says. “We want to create a line that is both beautifully written and profoundly inspirational. We look forward to raising the profile of women authors in the market.” 

“I believe that these two new exciting lines will not only capture the interest and imagination of many readers,” Bob Fryling, IVP publisher, says, “but also encourage and equip them to be increasingly effective leaders and people of influence in the church, in the marketplace and in the world, for the sake of God’s kingdom.”

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