BELLINGHAM, Wash., March 23, 2012Proclaim Church Presentation Software now lets pastors seamlessly display any live Web page during their presentations—from educational Bible resources to popular videos from the Internet. Before Logos Bible Software introduced Proclaim earlier this year, such presentations were difficult to perform during worship services, but this feature is now opening up new teaching opportunities for pastors around the world.

“This is just one way Proclaim is working to resource pastors and worship leaders with the best presentation tool on the market,” said Proclaim New Media Executive Director Matt Peterson. “We have now made it easy for church leadership to share content found anywhere on the Web with their congregations.”

Empowering pastors to use any video or tool on the Internet to educate their congregations, Proclaim’s new feature has equipped many church leaders to show dynamic infographics, maps and YouTube footage found on the Web. But, one of the greatest benefits of this new capability is that it gives pastors the power to show parishioners details on ministries the church is supporting.

In addition to the Web sharing feature, Proclaim assists pastors and worship leaders with vibrant and engaging displays for sermon introductions, Bible verses, Logos 4 references, songs and much more. Upgrading to the latest version is free, as all monthly or yearly subscribers benefit from each update.

Proclaim church presentation software is the simple, collaborative answer to Sunday morning presentations. Proclaim allows entire teams to access and edit presentations from any computer throughout the week, and interacts with Logos 4, CCLI SongSelect accounts and mobile devices in the congregation.

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