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Do Christian teenagers expect Jesus to return in their lifetimes? That question is explored in depth in the groundbreaking national study, The Jesus Survey, releasing from Baker Books on April 12, 2012 and available wherever books are sold. A sneak preview of what this study found:
• About half (49%) of Christian teenagers DON’T believe Jesus will return within their lifetimes. Additionally, about one in seven (13%) refuse to even venture an opinion on the subject.
• Non-denominational youth are most likely to say they expect Jesus to return in their lifetimes. More than half of these kids (54%) expressed that belief—the only denominational affiliation in The Jesus Survey to have a majority of students with that view.
• Nearly two-thirds of Catholic students (64%) are convinced Christ will NOT return in their lifetime,
• Among Christian students who are skeptical of the Bible’s trustworthiness, more than three-quarters (77%) reject the idea that Christ will return before they die.
Discover more results from The Jesus Survey by Mike Nappa when it releases April 12!
Book Summary
In The Jesus Survey, Mike Nappa shares the groundbreaking results of a nationwide survey of Christian teenagers from sixteen different denominations. His discoveries of how core beliefs about the faith influence the way teens actually experience God personally will help you understand the teens in your life and in your church.

  • "Nappa gives us a rare glimpse into the spiritual lives of the next generation–and we walk away with a sense of hope and fresh challenge."Amy Simpson, small groups editor at Christianity Today;  and author of Into the Word: How to Get the Most from Your Bible
  • “Every parent, youth worker, pastor, and Christian educator should read The Jesus Survey.”Josh McDowell, bestselling author and youth speaker
  • “If you’re a youth worker or a parent of a teenager, you’re committing malpractice if you don’t read this book.”Rick Lawrence, executive editor, Group Magazine
  • “This book will challenge parents and youth leaders alike to pass their faith to students with accuracy and authenticity.”Wayne Rice, cofounder, Youth Specialties; author, Reinventing Youth Ministry (Again) 

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