GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., February 27, 2012 –– Zondervan announces a new partnership with Above the Treeline offering Edelweiss Digital Review Copies to booksellers, librarians, reviewers, media, wholesalers, bloggers, and other professional readers in order to increase awareness of key titles.

Edelweiss is a web-based, interactive service that supplements or replaces publisher traditional hard-copy catalogs and galleys allowing publishers to share secure Digital Review Copies. An advantage to this system is that publishers have the capability to invite contacts to view an e-galley and grant permission to the content. Approval requests can be distributed as widely as needed and activity reports are also available to measure individual title demand.

With this new partnership, booksellers will be able to preview new titles before they arrive in store, leading to enhanced product knowledge and increased hand selling.

“Edelweiss is fast becoming the industry gold-standard tool in publishing,” said Steve Sammons, Executive Vice President of Consumer Engagement at Zondervan. “We are excited to be among the first Christian publishers to bring our bookselling customers and stakeholders this tremendous resource to shop our catalog and e-galleys and order and review titles in advance.”

Edelweiss offers Digital Review Copies that are compatible with many different e-reader devices including iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony eReader, Indiebound Reader and other devices. First time users can visit the Above the Treeline website at:, click on download digital review copies, indicate the type of e-reader and follow the step-by-step directions to obtain the desired e-galley.

About Zondervan
Zondervan is the world’s leading Bible publisher. With a vision to see more people engaging with the Bible more, Zondervan offers bestselling study, devotional, reference, audio and digital Bibles designed to inspire readers at every age and each stage of life. Zondervan holds exclusive North American publishing rights to the New International Version (NIV), which has more than 400 million copies in print worldwide. Visit Zondervan Bibles at for more information.

About Above the Treeline, LLC

Above the Treeline is North America’s leading provider of collaboration-based business intelligence for the book industry. Their web application named Edelweiss is an online interactive publisher catalog service that enhances or replaces the use of traditional hard copy publisher catalogs.  With features such as keyword search, interior images, twitter and blog tracking, title tags, and others, Edelweiss goes far beyond simple posted PDF’s to provide a buying and research tool that cannot be matched with hard copy catalogs.  Edelweiss is free to retailers and other catalog readers, requires no prior Above the Treeline affiliation, and interfaces with most bookstore POS systems.  For a full list of participating Edelweiss publishers, see