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Monument, CO, January 30, 2012 —In a year that has seen many book printers and publishers go out of business, Snowfall Press doubled both its revenue and its publisher base in 2011.This significant growth prompted the move to restructure into two business units: Snowfall Press and the Snowfall Global Print Network. The restructuring will streamline processes for greater efficiency and allow each group to focus on what they do best. Snowfall Press will focus on digital short run and on demand book printing. The Snowfall Global Print Network will expand its cloud based system to multiple print nodes, allowing clients to upload books for printing at the node closest to the end user—saving shipping costs and expediting delivery.

Dave Sheets has been appointed Vice President of the Snowfall Press business unit and will continue driving the aggressive growth the company has experienced over the last two years. Chaz Nichols will focus on growth and expansion opportunities in his ongoing role as the Global Print Network Director of Business Development.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to take Snowfall Press to the next level,” said Dave Sheets. “The digital short run and on-demand book printing market is exploding. The annual growth is forecasted to be 30% over the next five years. Driven by thegrowth of eBooks, publishers of all sizes are finding digital printing can lower inventory costs, risk, and accelerate time-to-market. These factors put Snowfall at the heart of this trend. And with our growing global network, we differentiate ourselves as more than just a local or U.S. based digital book printer.The speed, cost and quality of what we do makes our customers, from small to large publishers, successful – and that is what it is really all about.”

The new structure will enable Snowfall Press to expand its world class print services like short run digital, print-on-demand, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment. Snowfall Press offers a unique customer experience in the print-on-demand world. Customers fully control the file preparation, uploading, and ordering of their books. They can see what the book will look like in printed form online and can make adjustments to allow for a better end product. Customers do not need to talk to an account representative from Snowfall before printing can begin. They can open their free online account anytime, upload a book, and start the print process, all without any additional fees.

Another strategic advantage that has fueled revenue and publisher growth in 2011 is the Snowfall Global Print Network. When a publisher orders one or hundreds of books, the “ship to” postal code automatically dictates which Snowfall print facility will produce the job—reducing shipping time and expense for the publisher. There are no further contracts to sign by virtue of location, a job just prints where it needs to print.

“The Snowfall Global Print Network is the core of all we do at Snowfall Press,” said Chaz Nichols, Director of Global Business Development. “The long-term value-add we bring to our customers is providing a cloud based system that lets them upload their titles to a central server once and easily begin printing books immediately at any of our facilities. Our facilities are located in Arizona and Tennessee, and we expect to make an announcement soon about a new facility in Europe.”

Founded in 2007, Snowfall Press is a technology company whose expanding cloud-based digital book printing network combines a proprietary software operating system with printing and finishing hardware to provide a next generation integrated print solution. Snowfall Press automates and streamlines each step of the book-making process to produce high-quality, low-cost books at incredible speed, enabling authors and publishers of all sizes to reach markets around the world in less time and at lower cost, resulting in increased profit.

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