There are approximately 150,000 Kazakh speaking people living in Mongolia. Until recently, there has not been a complete translation of the Bible available in their heart language. Over the last few months, a Lutheran church and its local partners have been working hard to facilitate the first large-scale distribution of the Kazakh Bible among the unreached Kazakhs of Mongolia. More than 2,000 Bibles in the Kazakh language are already being distributed to Kazakhs in Mongolia. To ensure that God’s precious Word gets into the hands of as many people as possible, contact has been made with various churches, ministry groups and individuals working among the Kazakh people.

God’s Word is being received whole-heartedly by those Kazakh people living in Mongolia. Many stories have been shared about the abundant joy people feel when reading the Bible for the very first time in their own language. We praise God for all those who helped support this project with their prayers and gifts and pray that He continues to bless the efforts of all working in this region.

Rev. Matthew Heise, an LCMS missionary whose work includes theological education in Mongolia, shared, “With this Kazakh Bible distribution project, we have the great opportunity to reach a people group that is unreached in the world, the Kazakhs within the country of Mongolia.”