The acceleration of change and innovation in the publishing industry today is dizzying, and the pace can be overwhelming. But this change/forward/fast environment is also ripe with opportunity for those who embrace it and learn to adapt and innovate quickly.

O’Reilly’s TOC Conference is where the publishing and tech industries converge, as practitioners and executives from both camps share what they’ve learned from their successes and failures, explore ideas, and join together to navigate publishing’s ongoing transformation. TOC 2012 delivers a deft mix of the practical and the visionary to give attendees the tools and guidance they need to succeed—and the inspiration to lead change.

Expect coverage that’s both deep and wide, with a range of practical, in-depth sessions that cover the innovations rocking every aspect of the art, craft, and business of publishing in the 21st century. Create your own path through the conference, from exploring the design and implementation of profitable business models to the advanced technical aspects of creating digital books, agile publishing, and fostering collaborative environments that help ideas (and careers) to thrive.

Because the sheer amount of intelligence amassed at TOC can be overwhelming, we’ve organized the sessions into three tracks:

  • Manage. If you make key decisions or manage people or projects, you’ll find sessions here to help you craft profitable business models and digital rights agreements, design mobile-driven strategies for data-rich content, hire train and manage ‘hybrid’ employees, apply agile technologies to traditional publishing, and more.
  • Make. If you are in the product acquisitions, development, or production areas or have a hand in crafting a product, these sessions will help you solve UX problems,embed video into eBooks or web pages, discover the latest developments and forecasts in digital typography for screen-based reading, build an EPUB 3 from start to finish, and more.
  • Market. If you are involved in any aspect of sales or marketing, these sessions will help you discover how consumers find books online, get real-time market intelligence and see how to use that data to market your products, capture and re-purpose customer data, optimize content rights and licensing, and more.

TOC sells out year after year not only because it focuses on significant new and emerging tools and techniques, but also because it provides deeply practical guidance that helps attendees change/forward/fast with confidence. We hope you’ll join us February 13-15, 2012 at the Marriott Marquis Times Square in New York, NY.