What do industry leaders have to say about the key factors for success in digital publishing? How have they retooled their businesses to exploit change? Gain insight and inspiration from leaders who have excelled “out-of-the-gate” and overcome key “pain points” — audience acquisition, marketing and discovery, multi-platform digital publishing, and digital design and production. How do their companies communicate with (and sell to) millions of customers directly? How did they grow e-sales exponentially (and highly profitably) this year? How did they get their titles to market quickly and across multiple platforms simultaneously, both in print and online? These leaders will discuss how they’re getting it done and the lessons they’ve learned so far.

Last year they predicted Borders demise, the elasticity of ebook pricing, an exponential rise in e-book sales, and the challenges/opportunities inherent in the retailer/publisher dynamic. It’s a Digital Book World tradition that Conference Chair Mike Shatzkin and Publishers Lunch’s Michael Cader conclude DBW with a frank, wide-ranging panel discussion that assesses where digital publishing is today, and where it’s going. What better way to close the conference than with the industry’s leading influencers – who are widely known (and appreciated) for their foresight, insight and candor.

Digital Book World is solidly “publishing-centric”. It’s laser-focused on the myriad challenges and opportunities publishers face today. Unlike technology conferences, it’s not about the “bits and bytes”. It’s about how your business – editorial, marketing, production, design, sales, pricing, rights management, international partnerships, etc. – can capitalize on the new opportunities technology facilitates.

Whether you’re looking to grow sales, streamline processes, enter new markets or simply get started, DBW offers a range of practical, actionable programming tailored to your current circumstances and immediate needs. That’s why more publishers attend DBW; over 680 different companies were represented at DBW last year, and we’re running ahead of that rate for this year’s event. That means more opportunities for you to learn from – and network with – your peers.