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COLORADO SPRINGS – David C Cook is pleased to announce the signing of a multiple book contract with popular international speaker and bestselling author Gary Thomas. The first of the books, yet to be titled, is slated for release in Spring 2013. David C Cook believes that Thomas’ new powerhouse book in the Christian Life/Relationship category will forever change the way that singles of all ages view marriage and select their spouses.

“We are beyond thrilled to welcome Gary Thomas to the Cook family of authors,” says Alex Field, deputy publisher of David C Cook. “He is a dynamic communicator and thinker who provides deeply spiritual, theological and practical advice for the relationships in our lives. Gary’s book is a real firecracker for singles and anyone who is dating. Frankly, even though they’re still young, I can’t wait for my own kids to read it!”

In his newest release, Thomas makes a compelling and passionate plea to those who may be contemplating marriage to rethink the basis for their choice of a mate. Encouraging readers to ditch the popular “soul mate” thinking that has its roots in the philosophy of Plato, Thomas asks them instead to adopt a more biblical “sole mate” view that considers marriage a partnership dedicated to walking out the purposes of God.

“I believe that a Christian couple should model covenant love to the world and assist one another in accomplishing the will of God for their lives together. If that is the goal, we need to be asking the right questions and making the right choices in choosing our mates,” explains Thomas. “Making a prudent decision will pay huge dividends for the rest of one’s life.”

As a pastor and teacher who has observed time and again the reward of a wise selection and the penalty of a foolish one, Thomas says that “a good marriage is the closest two people will ever come to heaven this side of eternity, and a bad marriage is the closest two people will ever come to hell on this earth.” With a burning passion to prevent anyone from entering a miserable marital relationship, Thomas hopes that readers will gain a more biblical view of marital expectations and realities and develop a vision to establish a home that seeks first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. 

Gary Thomas is a writer in residence and serves on the teaching team at Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. His groundbreaking and thought-provoking books include Authentic Faith, a Gold Medallion winner, and the bestseller Sacred Marriage, among others. Thomas is a frequent guest on national radio and television programs across the United States and Canada, including Focus on the Family and Family Life Today.

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