The workshops and speakers have been announced for CBA’s Next 2012: Meet the Challenge conference, Jan 12-13, 2012. They are:

  • “Electronic Marketing and Social Media Demystified” featuring: Bob Negen (WhizBang! Training)
  • “Ideas That Work: Drive Business Growth with Social-Media Marketing” featuring: Gunnar Simonsen (Social Media Architect and former General Manager of Christian Supply Centers, Inc.), Dave Almack (National Director and Publisher, CLC USA)
  • “Linked by Passion: How to Create Community in Your Store” featuring: Sue Smith (Baker Book Store), Debbie Butgereit (Baker Book Store)
  • “Before You Buy: 2012 Trends for Profitable Gift Merchandising” Featuring: Emily Fielitz (Elynn and Merchandiser of P. Graham Dunn retail stores), Albert Maslia (Managing Director, AmericasMart)
  • “Selling e-Books: How Are Christian e-Book Retailers Doing?” featuring: Chuck Wallington (Christian Supply, Inc.), Lee Andrews (The Potter’s House Parable Christian Store)
  • “Join the Club: Engage Readers and Build Loyalty With Reading Groups” featuring: Nora St. Laurent (The Book Club Network), Kira Brant (Kira’s Cottage)
  • “Lifestyle Merchandising: Creating Powerful Emotional Connections” featuring: Emily Fielitz (Elynn and Merchandiser of P. Graham Dunn retail stores), Lorraine Valk (Parable Christian Store of St. Joseph)
  • “Ministry Merchandising: Making a Difference With Products That Matter” featuring: Cherie Gregory (The Potter’s House Parable Christian Store), Cindy Fischer (Wooddale Bookstore), and Paul Kuntz (Arrowhead Parable Christian Store)
  • “Best Practices: Secrets That Supercharge Gift Merchandising and Profitability” featuring: Jeff Bruenning (Merchandising Manager for The Parable Group), Vicki Geist (Cedar Springs Christian Store)
  • “Powerhouse Events That Boost Traffic, Sales, and Loyalty” featuring: Suzanne Kuhn (SuzyQ and Book Cellar Bible Outlet), Lorraine Valk (Parable Christian Store of St. Joseph)
  • “Which Way is Up? Navigating the Mart to Maximize Your Time & Buying” featuring: Michael Hupp (Executive Director of Merchandise for Cokesbury), Paul Kuntz (Arrowhead Parable Christian Store)
  • “How to Develop a Whiz Bang! Staff” featuring: Bob Negen (WhizBang! Training)

Scholarships are available for those who qualify. Please contact your CBA Member Relations Specialist at (800) 252-1950 for more details, or visit