We’re excited to announce HM’s ANNUAL CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE special issue which will street on THANKSGIVING WEEK.

1. Every year, we feature a special “Christmas Gift Guide” where your product can be featured with your IMAGE, your TEXT (75-125 words) and your LINK. An additional page in this issue features a “Dear Mom, This is what I really want for Christmas” CHECKLIST FORM. This form has a listing of all the gift guide products, company name and website url.

2. In addition to the exposure in HM Magazine’s DIGI-MAG and APP, we are also posting a corresponding “Online Gift Guide” WEB PAGE with the product images and links to your site or favorite online retail store.

3. We will also throw in a PODCAST mention (either a 30-second spot you produce, a script you give us that we read or a full-length song if it’s music that you’re marketing).

• Gift Guide Features YOUR product in YOUR own words, with YOUR picture and YOUR link.
• Digi-Mag Gift Guide Feature (Image, Text, Link)
• Online Gift Guide web page
• Podcast Spot
• All this for only $500.

Get all the details via the link.