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COLORADO SPRINGS – David C Cook is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the True Beauty DVD series with Lisa Chan, produced by Flannel.  The first film in the series releases in fall 2012 with two additional DVDs to follow in 2013.  The series centers on lies that women believe and the freedom that results when women are willing to embrace truth and walk out the biblical worldview in their own lives.

“It is a privilege to be able to work with Lisa on her first teaching series,” says Dan Rich, Chief Publishing Officer at David C Cook.  “We wholeheartedly applaud her mission to encourage women to accept the truth that true beauty can only be found in Jesus Christ.”

Chan encourages those who have bought into the world’s value system to break free from those detrimental falsehoods that have been chiseling away at their self-image and their freedom since childhood.  She implores women of all ages to realize that they have been duped by an upside-down world where wrong has become right and right has become wrong, a world where truth has been twisted and ignored. 

Film One of the True Beauty series, entitled Be Still, disputes the lie that our busyness reflects our importance. Film Two, Die to Shelf, addresses the lie that we must take care of ourselves first because we are deserving. Film Three, Not of This World, counters the lie that our possessions in this life define us and make us successful.

Steve Carr, executive director of Flannel, is excited about the potential of the films.  “Our mission at Flannel is to serve as a catalyst for unique and authentic communicators to get the message that burns in their hearts to those who need to hear it.  Lisa Chan is one such communicator and we believe her stirring message is not only relevant, but critical for today.”

Lisa’s nonthreatening and down-to-earth delivery in True Beauty makes her message easily digestible.  Women sense immediately that not only does Lisa know the Bible, she lives it.  With quiet intensity and spiritual maturity, Lisa conveys to the viewers a burning passion for God – not “performance.”  Bypassing the superfluous and shallow, Lisa addresses the deep issues of the heart with compassion, sincerity and delightfully entertaining humor. 

With such a need in today’s world for credible female voices, David C Cook believes that the True Beauty series is a significant and viable way to reach women and connect them to a life of healthy self-esteem and worth.  The accompanying workbook will appeal to small group leaders, pastors, women’s ministry leaders and all who engage in women’s bible studies.  Fans of Lisa’s husband, Francis Chan, author of the New York Times bestseller, Crazy Love, will undoubtedly be drawn to the series as well.

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Flannel is a non-profit ministry that serves as a catalyst for highly creative people to communicate the way of Jesus to the world. Flannel’s primary products are short, creative films that deeply resonate on what matters most today. Headquartered in Western Michigan, Flannel’s products are currently sold in over 90 countries.