Christy Bower, author of Best Friends with God (2010) and Devotion Explosion (2007), has been honored with the “Writer of the Year” award from the American Christian Writers Association (ACWA) at their Spokane, WA, annual conference. The award is given for overall accomplishment and is the third award that Bower has earned through the ACWA. She won the “Persistence” award in 2006, followed by her first “Writer of the Year” award in 2007 for the successful publication of her first book. This year’s award recognizes all of Bower’s accomplishments but specifically acknowledges her successful transition into a full-time writing ministry. Because so few find success as a full-time writer, she has become an inspiration to others. The ACWA’s stated purpose is “locating, educating, and motivating writers and speakers.” They host annual conferences in twenty-four cities. At each location, they present one attendee with the “Persistence” award and another with the “Writer of the Year” award.