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September 19, 2011–Three high profile Christian retail organizations, comprising some of the top retail stores in the United States, announced today that they are partnering with Ingram Content Group for web store ebook fulfillment.

Covenant Group, Mardel Christian Stores, and The Parable Group, realizing the importance of being in the digital content delivery business, are collaborating in an effort to allow each organization to develop their systems more effectively and efficiently, while offering separate delivery systems to their respective customer bases.

The three retailers are working with the digital content team at Ingram and its Christian division Spring Arbor to provide their customers with one of the most comprehensive selections of Christian ebooks, representing many of the major publishers in the industry.

Ebook sales growth, changing technology, and customer service are driving the initiative. “Our customers are looking to us to help them find great Christian books – whether those are print books or digital ones,” says Jason Green, President of Mardel. “Our work with Spring Arbor will help us continue to improve our ability to serve our customers.”

“Our three organizations were heading down the same road in terms of this technology. As we met and discussed options with one another, it just made sense to pursue a common delivery provider both in terms of the opportunity it brought for us to work together to get there faster, with a better business model, and in terms of presenting the provider we chose as an obvious major player to publishers determining how to prioritize their title base with various providers available,” says Chuck Wallington, President of Covenant Group. “We all have great confidence in Chris and his team at Spring Arbor, as well as a long history of dealings with their company.”

Steve Potratz, President of Parable concurs: “I believe throughout the Christian retail industry, we need to work closely together to discover new ways to accomplish our mission. We are excited to work with Covenant, Mardel and Spring Arbor on this significant project. Together we’ll be able to develop common tools, and provide product offerings that will allow us to compete and better serve our customers.

Chris Smith, Sales Director for Spring Arbor commented, “I applaud the spirit of cooperation and leadership Chuck, Jason and Steve have brought to this very important initiative for the Christian retail community. Spring Arbor has enjoyed long-standing relationships with The Covenant Group, Mardel and Parable and we’re honored that they’ve now chosen us to fulfill their ebook needs.”

Covenant, Mardel and Parable expect to have their respective ebook stores later this year.

Covenant Group is a marketing services company serving leading independent Christian retailers with promotional and advertising resources ranging from print media to direct mail to digital and web-based solutions. Covenant Group has its headquarters in Spartanburg, SC.

Mardel Christian Stores is a chain of 35 stores in 7 states which offers one of the largest assortments of Christian and education products available. Mardel is headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK.

The Parable Group, Inc. is a leading retail services provider specializing in franchising and
marketingfor independent Christian stores. The Parable Group is based in San Luis Obispo, CA.

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