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(Nashville, TN) Most people could never imagine what it would be like to continually risk their lives for that of others. This October, Sam Childers invites the world to experience his real life dramatic story of redemption and rescue as it revealed in both a memoir, Another Man’s War: The True Story Of One Man’s Battle To Save Children In The Sudan published by Thomas Nelson and a major motion picture Machine Gun Preacher released by Relativity Media. Childers, is an unlikely man to run an orphanage in the Sudan. A drug dealer and violent outlaw biker in his early adult years, Childers turned his life around, eventually becoming a preacher and ultimately a one-man army in Africa saving children.  

Sam Childers’ life is being beautifully presented by Gerard Butler (300) who stars as Childers in the Relativity Media film Machine Gun Preacher that opens in New York and Los Angeles on September 23rd and expands nationwide thereafter.  The movie also stars Michelle Monaghan (Due Date), Kathy Baker (Cold Mountain), Oscar®-nominee Michael Shannon (Revolutionary Road), Madeline Carroll (The Spy Next Door) breakout actor Souleymane Sy Savane (Goodbye Solo), and is directed by Marc Forster (Finding Neverland, Monster’s Ball), from the script by Jason Keller (Relativity’s Untitled Snow White Project).

But it’s within the pages of Sam Childers’ book Another Man’s War that you are taken deeper into his compelling story. The paperback, which releases October 4th, will feature a special photo section showcasing images captured over the years by Sam as well as photographs taken during the filming of the Machine Gun Preacher movie. Readers also play a role in helping efforts in the Sudan as Childers is donating all of his proceeds from the book sales to Angels of East Africa.  

In Another Man’s War readers follow Childers’ remarkable transformation from violent criminal to a man of faith, and his ongoing battle to save children in one of the world’s most lawless areas. They experience a first-hand account of anxious moments, not knowing what is lurking in the tall grass outside. Readers feel the incredible rush of adrenaline when the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) ambushes his convoy, and the immense grief of approaching a village destroyed only minutes earlier – the bodies of massacred victims everywhere and terrified children pleading for help. They feel both compassion and disgust as Childers must leave some children behind in order to save others, but when he returns to rescue the rest just days later, many of them had since been killed. Like Childers, they will question just what one man can accomplish in such overwhelming circumstances.  

Childers first journeyed to Sudan in 1998 on a medical mission to help people living in remote villages terrorized by the LRA. Under the direction of Kony, the LRA ambushes unsuspecting villages, burning all the houses, torturing and killing thousands. The children are captured, often forced to kill their own parents and become rebel soldiers themselves… or die. Childers quickly discovered that neither the government nor any of the international humanitarian organizations protect remote villages because it is too dangerous.  

Moved by what he witnessed there, Childers felt a higher calling and decided to do something about it: rescue children. To date, Childers has rescued over over a thousand children and reunited hundreds of them with their families. And despite having no financial backing, he purchased 40 acres of land right in the war zone and established an orphanage that today protects the 300 other children made orphans by the LRA.  

"So many times my experiences remind me of how one person can make a difference," says Childers. "And I find I need reminding from time to time. When you look at our tiny operation it’s easy to think, ‘That rag-tag little outfit can’t help anybody.’ Life proves otherwise."  

Throughout Another Man’s War, readers learn how faith can make such a tremendous impact, not only in one man but also those around him. Childers cites it as having saved his life – miraculously – from deadly ambushes. He also shares how it has healed the strains that running his orphanage has put on his family back home, and also how it has inspired others to stand by his side when the bullets are flying. Childers also explains his troubled past, saying "As bad as some of the things were that I did over the years, when you look at my life overall you can see that I was being prepared for work other people couldn’t do."  

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Another Man’s War: The True Story Of One Man’s Battle To Save Children In The Sudan
Paperback ISBN: 9781595554246 / $15.99
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Publisher: Thomas Nelson, Inc. Pub Date: 10/4/11