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Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX—For over 30 years trusted pastor and teacher John MacArthur has delivered practical, Biblical insights for helping Christians grow in their own journeys of faith. Now the very best of his Christian living titles are being updated to feature a fresh new look with study guides for both personal and group reflection. Featuring discovery questions, suggestions for prayer and activities, the MacArthur Christian Living Series is designed to connect life-changing truths with everyday living. 

His studies to be released this fall include:

  • Divine Design: God’s Complementary Roles for Men & Women

For decades, our culture has blurred the lines between men and women, all in the name of equality. Yet, instead of creating harmony, this approach has caused frustration and confusion, leaving families broken and hurting. Divine Design draws readers back to God’s intention for men and women and tackles big issues such as authority in marriage, mothers in the home and the innate differences between males and females. Readers will discover how embracing their unique design can foster security, balance and love in a marriage and family. Divine Design offers a provocative, Biblically-based look at what it means to be a man or a woman and encourages us to embrace, not deny, our differences. (ISBN: 978-0-7814-0588-1/224 pages/paperback/$14.99/October 2011)

  • The Power of Suffering: Strengthening Your Faith in the Refiner’s Fire

In today’s modern world of convenience and comfort, suffering can seem senseless. This idea has even crept into the church—that if we make the right choices and do the right things, pain can be avoided. So it’s little wonder that when we do encounter tough situations, we face even tougher questions: “Why does God allow suffering?” “Where is God when I’m hurting?” The Power of Suffering takes an in-depth, honest look at the reality of pain and hurt in the life of a believer. Filled with rich Biblical truths and fresh insights, this study explores how God ultimately uses suffering for good in the lives of His children and offers encouragement and hope for the heavy hearted. (ISBN: 978-0-7814-0587-4/208 pages/paperback/$14.99/October 2011)

John MacArthur’s best-selling books and his world-renowned knowledge of God’s Word can now be enjoyed in a format that allows everyone to understand God’s plan for our lives. David C Cook plans to continue releasing volumes in the MacArthur Christian Living Series over the next few years.

About the Author:
John MacArthur, Jr., has served as the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, since 1969. His pulpit ministry has been extended around the globe through his media ministry, Grace to You, which includes a daily radio program that is aired worldwide. He also serves as the president of The Master’s College and Seminary and is a popular conference speaker. With over four decades in the ministry, MacArthur has written dozens of best-selling books, including The Gospel According to Jesus and The MacArthur Study Bible, a 1998 ECPA Gold Medallion winner. MacArthur and his wife, Patricia, have four grown children and fourteen grandchildren.

MacArthur Christian Living Series
David C Cook/October 2011