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VISTA, Calif. – Aug.  4, 2011—Outreach Inc. has announced the release of a major new series called “GodQuest,” by Sean McDowell.

According to a recent report* by the Barna Group, 43 percent of Americans believe all religions teach the same lessons, and 40 percent of “born again” Christians believe Christians and Muslims worship the same God. Citing these statistics, McDowell has created a powerful series that includes church materials, a DVD curriculum and books to help skeptics and believers investigate the unique claims of Christianity and make decisions in a way that is personal and relevant to everyday life. “GodQuest” is a fresh voice of truth in the midst of the spiritual confusion in our society, and directly counters the false teaching of universalism, which has been a topic of much discussion recently.

The “GodQuest” series features a set of products and resources: a non-fiction book for adults, co-authored with Stan Jantz, and two DVD curriculum kits—one for teens, one for adults—with participants’ and leaders’ guides. A fictional book co-authored with Bob Hostetler, which is part of the “GodQuest” series and similarly named “The Quest,” releases in September.

Sean McDowell, a popular speaker, apologist and an award-winning high school teacher, is the son of speaker and author Josh McDowell (“More than a Carpenter,” “Evidence that Demands a Verdict”), who has sold millions of books and lectured around the world about the historical and philosophical proof for Christianity. Sean McDowell is notable in his own right: he speaks around the country on faith issues, is currently working on a PhD from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is the author and co-author of 12 books.

“GodQuest” is Sean’s most ambitious project yet. It takes his teachings on the reliability of Christianity to a diverse audience of spiritual seekers and committed Christians, balancing the two by advocating for a Christian worldview, while inviting the reader to investigate the evidence for themselves, in their own, “personal GodQuest.”  It’s also notable that “GodQuest” isn’t just influenced by Sean’s academic interests and upbringing, but also by his personal struggles with doubt as a college student more than a decade ago.

The two DVD-based studies—which feature Sean McDowell, Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel (“The Case for Christ”) and others—together with the non-fiction book, explore pressing questions about the existence of God, the origin of the universe, the reliability of the Bible, the identity of Jesus, the problem of suffering and the path to heaven.  The series powerfully ties reader’s beliefs to the choices they make in life, and ultimately, to their final destination.

While most of the “GodQuest” products tackle these issues head-on, the fiction book (“The Quest”) wraps them around the engaging story of Emma, a skeptic, who joins her Christian stepmother on a quest to find Emma’s father, who disappeared in the midst of violence and political unrest in Israel.

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