One of the most common questions we get asked at FrontGate Media is, “How do we get more people to follow us on Social media?”  Today I want to give you 7 simple ways you can promote your social pages.


1. Add Social Links to your email signature.
For that matter, everyone in your company should have a link to your social pages in their signature. Every person who encounters your company via email should be given the opportunity to follow you on social media.

2. Put Social “like” or “follow” icons on every page of your website.
Make sure social share icons are in the header or footer of your website so that as people visit other pages on your site they can follow you. It may take a few pages of browsing on your site before they are ready to commit to following you on social media, or have even seen the icons.

3. Put Social share buttons on your website.
Be sure you add social share buttons to key places on your site. Have a great article you want shared? Put a social share button next to it. Have great pictures on your site? Make sure your photos are pinnable so they end up on Pinterest and direct people back to your site. Be sure your site content is easy to share.

4. Put Social Follow icons at the bottom of every blog post.
Most people are reading blog posts on their smartphones these days. This means they aren’t seeing the fancy sidebars and headers on your website. On mobile devices, it’s very likely that even though you have social follow icons on your website, the majority of your blog reader aren’t seeing them. Be sure to add social follow buttons on the bottom of every blog post, and while you are at it add social share buttons too!

5. Put Social Follow icons at the end of every email blast.
You’ll be amazed at how many people on your email list don’t follow you on Social Media simply because they weren’t given a link.

6. Send an eblast specific to following you on social media.
Don’t be afraid to send a shameless “follow us on social media” email, just make sure to make the content relatable. Tell people what will happen when they follow you. Will they get great tips about… daily inspiration, opportunities only social followers get, something else? What benefit will they get for following you? Tell them. You also can consider giving an incentive for following your social pages.

7. Ask your current following to refer a friend.
People are following you for a reason. They like what you do! Leverage that relationship by asking them to share your social pages with their friends.

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