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Colorado Springs, CO — David C Cook is delighted to announce pastor, author, artist and poet Calvin Miller for the fall 2011 release of his poignant new book, Letters to a Young Pastor. Don Pape, publisher of trade books for Cook says, “Miller’s influence is powerful, his vision is clear and his voice is strong.

Combine that with the rare talent to communicate through a variety of mediums, and you have someone in a position to be of significant help to the church. Since equipping the Body of Christ is what we are all about, this partnership with Miller just makes good sense. We are happy to work side by side with him to see that his message gets delivered.”

Through the years, Dr. Calvin Miller’s words have filled thousands of pages, reached countless listening ears and touched a world of hearts. His latest offering to be published by David C Cook promises to do the same. With understanding and insight gleaned from a lifetime of ministry to the church and its leaders, Miller’s Letters to a Young Pastor offers a priceless collection of hard-won, smile-inducing, church-surviving wisdom that will stand the test of time.

Much of Miller’s wisdom stems from his deep acquaintance with the disappointment and discouragement that “come with the territory.” He explains, “At the front edge of many a first parish lies a wide moat of disillusionment. Fifty-five years ago I crossed this trench and was all the wiser for the pain. But most young pastors do not survive the swim, and it is for them that I offer this definition of the peril.” Miller continues, “This collection of letters is intended to be more than a manual of survival. It is a handbook of hope based on two certainties. First, those who are called always survive, and second, those who survive know they do not face the crossing alone. The God who summons us to courage is himself the source of that courage.” 

One of America’s most accomplished authors, Miller has more than 40 books of popular theology and inspiration to his credit, including O Shepherd, Where Art Thou?, The Celtic Path of Prayer, The Unfinished Soul, his memoir Life Is Mostly Edges and The Singer Trilogy which has sold over 1,000,000 copies. His poems and articles have appeared in journals and magazines such as Christianity Today, Campus life, Leadership and His. Dr. Miller is currently the Professor of Preaching and Pastoral Ministry at Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School. 

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