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Colorado Springs, CO – David C Cook is delighted to team up with Michelle Aguilar, the Season 6 winner of NBC’s top-rated show The Biggest Loser, to release the stirring story of her triumph, Becoming Fearless: My Ongoing Journey of Learning to Trust God.

“Because The Biggest Loser averages 10 million viewers in America each week and airs in 90 other countries, countless viewers have already come to love Michelle and have been encouraged by her success, not only in losing 110 pounds, but in overcoming her fear,” explains Don Pape, publisher of trade books at David C Cook. “She most certainly is a winner to us!”

As the winner of The Biggest Loser, Aguilar recognizes that she gained more than a title and the quarter-million dollar prize she took home. The real treasure won was a new direction and a new purpose… a new life. “I am thrilled to be partnering with David C Cook. My story is about so much more than just losing weight and I am so thankful to have this team that can help me reach out to others and encourage them in their own challenges.” Michelle confirms, “For the first time in my life my eyes really are completely wide open, and I see a brand new world staring right back at me. From now on, I’m not gonna let life pass me by. I’m gonna live every day to the fullest.”

No one, especially Michelle, could have anticipated as a teenager the path that she would travel and the journey of discovery that would lead her to a depth of trust and confidence in God far beyond her years. Michelle was 18 when she received a phone call from her mother saying she was divorcing her father. Feeling overwhelmed and responsible, Michelle chose to love her mother from a distance, resulting in no communication for six years. Michelle internalized her pain and began using food to cope with the emotional loss of the family unit she once knew.

When Michelle was chosen to audition for Season 6 of the show, she invited her mom to join her. They both were chosen as contestants. Viewers watched Michelle fight to shed not only the physical weight she carried from the pain of her parent’s divorce but also the emotional weight she had tried to keep hidden. By show’s end, Michelle had not only emerged the winner of her season, she and her mother were successful at taking important steps to mend their broken relationship. These days, Michelle is barely recognizable—both inside and out—and she is loving it!

Aguilar’s book, Becoming Fearless, releasing in October 2011 is more about the process than the prize. Michelle has discovered that it is in the “becoming” that we take both large and small steps forward through the wilderness, where we learn that the process leads up to the “big reveal”—and that we are the prize. Becoming Fearless is an inspiring perspective on “becoming.” It is a story of being instructed and instructing others, of being afraid and moving ahead anyway, of stretching for your highest potential and being satisfied with what you have become.

Since The Biggest Loser, Michelle Aguilar has been featured in numerous magazines and on TV shows, including Ellen and The Today Show. She has also participated in the “Got Milk?” and “I Am Second” campaigns. Last year she was a guest speaker on the Women of Faith tour and this year she continues across the country sharing her message of hope and healing with churches and women’s conferences. “I’ve grown stronger in my faith and God’s purpose for me at every twist and turn. I continue to be open to what is in store for me next and am confident that He can be trusted with my life, no matter what happens.”

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