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TEANECK, NJ- March 2, 2011– Two companies with a unique understanding of gang violence and how to engage teen imaginations are joining forces to stem the tide of rising fascination with “fantasy violence” found in video games and other materials marketed to teens. Creation By Design is a company that, at its heart, creates Biblical images using “cutting edge” technology via computer generated images (CGI). K.O. T-shirts is an apparel company that traces its roots back to a founder who lost his mother to gang violence. Both companies share the goal of taking the Gospel to young people. So it is only natural that the two companies are working together to bring to market a line of t-shirts for Christians who want to make a statement.

Founded in 2006 by Steven Kaye, Creation By Design was a response to a televangelist who felt that Christianity can’t keep up with the rapidly expanding technology of today’s youth. Kaye, an artist and a parent, developed over 200 Biblical images using the CGI technique that kids see in their movies, video games and computer images. In 2009, their first product, a line of Bible trading cards called ‘My Bible Cards’, was launched. In 2010, the company developed a line of children’s chapter books called the Xander Nash series and a line of activity books, posters, artwork and postcards. Today, the company markets over 50 products with more rolling out in the spring.

K.O. T-shirts was founded by Nathan Cabrera and his Youth Pastor Frank Ambrosino. At 15 years of age, Nathan lost his mother to gang violence. While he and his siblings slept in their beds, a group of gang members entered the house to execute a revenge killing. They lost their mother that morning, September 10, 2007 through a single gun shot to the head. It was her temptations which lead to this awful event. He and his siblings were unfortunately separated throughout all this hardship, Nathan never wavered in his faith. Pursuing the calls of ministry, Nathan and Frank launched K.O.T-shirts and Ministries.

A chance meeting at last year’s ICRS trade show introduced the companies to each other and helped them to realize the common goal of both companies. According to Creation By Design founder, Steven Kaye, “It was just a natural marriage. People of all ages love to wear t-shirts. Christians love to use their shirts to proclaim their faith. But it takes great looking images to make a great looking t-shirt. That’s what we brought to the party. We are proud of our Biblical images and want to get them out to people as much as we can. We appreciate the opportunity to work with K.O. T-shirts to make this happen”.

Nathan Cabrera said, "I am really excited for the partnership and am grateful that God has opened the doors in spreading the message of ‘Knockin Out Temptation’. There are many people who need love and inspiration and God is using both K.O.T-shirts and Creation by Design to draw us all closer to him in a victorious walk”.

His partner, Frank Ambrosino, further commented, "God gave us a vision 3 years ago that the message of "Knockin Out Temptation" would spread around the country inspiring people of all ages to take a stand against those things which attack our Christian walk and tear down our families. We are proud and excited to be partnering with Creation By Design in promoting our individual as well as our combined goals and visions."

The products are launching with nine designs, in all sizes, priced between $19.99 and $24.99. They will begin shipping in the spring. The t-shirts can be purchased through Creation By Design’s sales rep group, Genesis Marketing Group or from STL Distributors.

K.O.T.shirts is a Christian T-shirt and custom design apparel company that promotes the theme "knockin out temptation." K.O.T. Ministries is geared toward reaching out to not only young people, but people of all ages across the country. Their website is

Creation By Design’s mission is to create educational Biblical products that help children connect with God’s word in an exciting and fun way. For more information about Creation By Design, please visit