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When it comes to making important decisions, most people listen to the opinions and recommendations of those they trust the most. That is why you’re more likely to go to the dentist or doctor your friend goes to and loves than a random doctor you find online. It’s why you ask your co-workers what their favorite restaurants are before asking Google for recommendations. 

If someone you trust tells you something is good, you tend to believe them. Influencer marketing works in a very similar way. 

While social media followers may not know an influencer personally, they come to trust them through engaging with their content. So, when that influencer tells their followers how amazing your product or cause is, those followers believe them. 

Establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with Christian influencers enables you to capitalize on that trust and promote your latest product or cause through a direct communication and endorsement to a large audience. 

Read on to discover six unique benefits of Christian influencer marketing and how to use this strategy for your next campaign. 

1. Influencer Marketing Uses an Established Audience

When Christian influencers promote your project, product, or cause, they share your message with their established audience. That means, when you partner with well-known influencers in your industry, you have access to thousands of new people that may not have seen your work otherwise. 

This is great for smaller businesses and ministries that may not yet have a large following themselves. Rather than focusing on building an audience before promoting your content, you can jump ahead on the growth curve by using another person’s audience to get the word out about your offerings while building your audience simultaneously.

2. Influencer Marketing Builds Trust and Credibility Quickly 

When you partner with the right Christian influencers, people begin to see you as a trustworthy and credible source. For example, people trust big names in the Christian community like Kevin Sorbo. So, if Kevin says your latest book is good, the people who follow and believe in him begin to trust you too. This creates an essential connection because the more their audience gets to know you, likes you, and trusts you, the more likely they are to purchase from or give to you. Christian influencers create immediate validation and credibility for you with their audience. 

3. Influencer Marketing Increases Brand Awareness and Engagement 

The more people who learn about and interact with your brand in a positive way, the better.  Influencer marketing is one of the quickest ways to get the word out. When we partner with Christian influencers, we choose people with a substantial number of followers that align with the client’s target audience. This way, more and more people will start to learn about your brand and engage with your content.

4. Influencer Marketing Reaches New Audiences

Even if you have an established audience yourself, you can use influencer marketing to grow and gain new followers, subscribers, and donors or customers. One of the great things about influencer marketing is that the content shared on social media platforms has unlimited sharing potential. You never know how far your content might go, and the further the better. Books are popular for influencer marketing. At FrontGate, we have created and managed Christian Influencer Marketing campaigns for big names such as Kristy Cambron, Kathy Lee Gifford, and Sarah Jakes Roberts, and for lesser-known authors too.  We have also worked on specialty gift books like this one from Zondervan.

You’re never too popular to experience the benefits. Even influencers use influencer marketing! 

5. Influencer Marketing is Organic and Provides Value

Using Christian influencers to promote your latest project is one of the least “salesy” forms of advertising and marketing. This is especially true when you work with influencers who genuinely believe in what you’re promoting. Rather than a scripted review of your cause or product, they share an honest, heartfelt, and natural post about the benefits and value of your offering. This makes a big difference and impacts a potential buyer’s purchasing or donor’s giving decision. 

6. Influencer Marketing Generates Leads and Conversions 

One of the greatest things about Christian influencer marketing is the return on investment. While it is already one of the less expensive forms of advertising, it also produces exceptional results. At FrontGate, many of our campaigns have audience reach in the millions, resulting in a significant increase in sales and engagement for various projects. It’s no wonder the influencer marketing industry was projected to become a 5-10 billion dollar industry by 2020. The return on investment is worth it. 

Use Christian Influencer Marketing for Your Next Campaign

For Christian influencer marketing to be successful, you need partnerships with the right influencer, and you have to manage the process to measure the results.  That’s the real time-consuming work of influencer marketing. The success of this marketing strategy is reliant upon finding, vetting, and establishing relationships with relevant influencers who will follow through on your campaign. 

At FrontGate Media, we know the value of these partnerships, which is why we created our exclusive Christian Influencer Group. We save you the time and effort of trying to figure out who matches your target audience best, going through trial and error of who will complete, and the painstaking effort to collect results. This group is our partnership with hundreds of well-known individuals who have influence over potential buyers and donors in the faith market and are ready to put your product or cause in front of their audiences. 

To learn more about using Christian influencers to grow your brand, visit our Christian Influencer Group website, and then contact us to get started!