Contact: Todd Starowitz, Public Relations Manager
Phone: 630-784-5397

January 27, 2011, Carol Stream, IL—Tyndale House Publishers, along with iShine Ministries, has announced that it will release its iShine Bible NLT for tweens and preteens (ages 7-13) in February 2011. The compact Bible brings together the popular Christian tween brand iShine with the clearly understandable New Living Translation of the Bible to build tweens’ faith.

The iShine Bible is the first Bible to feature QR codes that link readers to additional online ministry content. QR Codes—or Quick Response Codes—are matrix bar codes readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, and smartphones. They enable viewers to receive exclusive content from the Internet, such as videos and pictures.

“The iShine Bible gives tweens the technology they love to get the ministry they need,” said Jeffrey Smith, Director of Marketing, Bibles, Tyndale House Publishers. “Tyndale is thrilled to partner with iShine, the premier ministry to the huge, untapped tween market. iShine reaches more than 1,000,000 people weekly through their iShine KNECT television program, MySpace and Twitter presence, and”

Please scan this QR code to learn more about the iShine Bible NLT:

The iShine Bible NLT will feature a version for tween boys (978-1-4143-4814-8) as well as tween girls (978-1-4143-4815-5). Both Bibles will retail at $19.99. Full-color pages inside focus on one of the central themes of iShine: V.I.P.—Value, Identity, and Purpose. Tweens will see how they are valued by God, how their identity is found in Jesus, and the purpose they have because of these things. The iShine Bible answers questions relating to many of the issues that tweens face with a tween-friendly index. It also features articles on having a relationship with Jesus and growing in faith.

In addition to the iShine Bible, iShine Ministries has recently released its Family Media Diet. By visiting, parents nationwide will be able to plug in amounts of time their families spend texting, browsing online, consuming television, and more. They will then be able to print a free custom analysis of where their families are spending their time in comparison to their involvement in recreational and faith-based activities along with family time and reading. The campaign is not an anti-technology movement. It is about use awareness and being intentional about the content we consume.

“We as parents must be deliberate of what media our kids consume, understanding that it is forming the way our kids look at everything—self image, friends, parents, leaders, themselves,” remarks iShine founder andChief Creative OfficerRobert Beeson, who will be available to discuss the Family Media Diet. “If we as parents aren’t actively forming the person our kids are becoming—make no mistake—someone else is. The iShine Bible is an opportunity for us to be intentional about digital diet content for our tweens in a format they will love.”

iShine is a tween brand that combines music (CD and the iShine Live touring event), TV (iShine KNECT available on DVD through Provident/Sony), a web community (, and other media, including DVDs of the iShine Live concerts and sermonettes by Paige Armstrong, one of the hosts of the TV and concert tour. More information on iShine Ministries is available at

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