Grand Rapids, MIDay of Discovery has won a 2010 Aegis Award for the 89-minute video production “The War Within: Finding Hope for Post-Traumatic Stress.” The Aegis Awards competition is the video industry’s premier contest for peer recognition of outstanding video productions and non-network TV commercials.

A distinguished panel of judges, representing industry professionals from around the country, honored “The War Within” in the Documentary category for outstanding production quality.

This documentary from Day of Discovery records the journey of marine veteran Phil Downer and army veteran Mike Wilkins. Through revealing their struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder and the struggles their wives faced, they offer hope for military vets and their families.

“Someone asked me one time, ‘When were you in Vietnam?’ I said, ‘Last night … in my dreams … in my fears.’” ~Phil Downer

For men and women who have fought in a war, the battle does not end when they go home.

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